The head of the National Rifle Association says conservatives should stand up for themselves if “the violent left brings their terror into our communities.”

Wayne LaPierre spoke Friday at the Conservative Political Action Conference, where he showed videos of violent protesters. He asked the crowd if they were ready to take on the left.

LaPierre said: “Show them you won’t submit. We will not be intimidated.”

He says members of the NRA helped President Donald Trump win the election, that “Americans wanted a fire, and we got one.”

He also argues the media is a threat, saying, “You’re not going to win, and you will not defeat us.”

Immigration crackdown creating anxiety in N.J.: New Jersey residents affected by the Trump administration’s crackdown on people who illegally crossed into the U.S. are feeling tremendous anxiety and becoming the targets of unscrupulous people falsely claiming they can help them gain legal status, an Assembly regulatory panel was told Friday.

The regulatory oversight committee heard hours of testimony related to President Donald Trump’s guidelines aimed at detaining and deporting immigrants living in the country illegally.

Advocates and others recommended public education programs and sanctuary cities address concerns among the state’s population of immigrants who could be subject to the new policies. The New Jersey Alliance for Immigrant Justice estimates that number at about 400,000 people.

Dems invite immigrants to Trump address: Democrats have invited immigrants and foreigners to President Donald Trump’s first address to Congress in an effort to put a face on those who could be hurt by the Republican’s policies. Lawmakers typically get one guest ticket apiece for presidential addresses, as they will for Tuesday’s prime-time speech.

To send a message to Trump, Democrats have invited the Iraqi-American doctor who discovered elevated levels of lead in the blood of many children living in Flint, Michigan; a Pakistani-born doctor who delivers critical care to patients in Rhode Island; and an American-born daughter of Palestinian refugees who aids people like her family in their quest to come to the United States.

Marylander front-runner for Democratic leader: As the race for the chairmanship of the Democratic National Committee comes to a close, a former Maryland politician has positioned himself as one of the front-runners. Thomas Perez, former labor secretary under President Barack Obama and a former secretary of the Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation, emerged as a top contender for the DNC post after he announced his candidacy on Dec. 15.

White House bars news outlets from briefing: News organizations including The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, CNN and Politico were blocked from joining an informal, on-the-record White House press briefing Friday. The Associated Press chose not to participate in the briefing after White House press secretary Sean Spicer restricted the number of journalists included. Typically, the daily briefing is televised and open to all news organizations credentialed to cover the White House.

Trump rails against anonymous sources that First Amendment protects: President Donald Trump railed against the news media Friday, saying reporters shouldn’t be allowed to use anonymous sources. He said he’s been a target of unrelenting criticism by unnamed people, and he predicted that negative stories would “dry up like you’ve never seen before” if anonymous sources were jettisoned.

Of course, any effort to limit sources would conflict with the First Amendment. Separately, 39 states and the District of Columbia have reporter shields, which offer various protections from subpoenas and the forced disclosure of sources, according to the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press. But there is no shield in federal law, despite past efforts in Congress to pass one.

Pence to speak to Jewish group: Vice President Mike Pence’s scheduled speech to the Republican Jewish Coalition on Friday night will be visual evidence of the fruits of years of the politically active group’s labors.

— Associated Press

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