Borgata's V.P. of InformationTechnology John Forelli, of Medford, demonstrates in-room gaming at Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa in Atlantic City, in February.

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Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa will go live Monday with Atlantic City’s first mobile gambling system, allowing customers to bet on slots and table games without having to be on the casino floor.

Under the plan, Borgata cardholders will be able to use the television sets in their hotel rooms to place mobile bets on video slots and poker. Guests who want to try it will be given a password for the television gambling software.

Borgata is beginning a 90-day trial run of the system. Although the trial period restricts betting to TV sets in the hotel rooms, Borgata eventually plans to expand mobile wagering to hand-held devices such as smartphones.

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Borgata is the first Atlantic City casino to launch mobile gambling since it was approved by New Jersey lawmakers last year as a way to make the resort town more attractive to visitors.

Once fully developed, mobile gambling will allow guests to place bets while lounging at the pool, eating at a casino restaurant or relaxing in the comfort of their hotel rooms.

Borgata customers must first walk to the cashier’s cage on the casino floor and deposit the money they will use for mobile gambling. New Jersey’s gambling regulations restrict patrons to no more than $2,500 in mobile betting per day.

Mobile gambling is separate from Internet wagering. Gov. Chris Christie has conditionally vetoed New Jersey’s proposed Internet gambling law, saying he wants it limited to a 10-year trial period. The state Legislature is expected later this month to amend the Internet bill to conform to the governor’s wishes for a 10-year test.

Internet gambling would allow people in New Jersey to use their home computers and hand-held devices to bet on casino slots and table games.

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