NJ Transit, the state train and bus operator, has fixed a broken elevator that kept part of a $40 million station on the Atlantic City rail line closed to passengers for five months.

Bill Smith, an agency spokesman, said elevator repairs were completed on the Pennsauken rail stop Tuesday, allowing the tracks and boarding platform on the north side of the station to open. He noted that the station is now fully functional, which should speed up the flow of train traffic and make it more convenient for passengers.

“It should allow trains to pass through quickly since they’re no longer operating on one side and it may alleviate congestion or confusion customers may have encountered,” Smith said.

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Since its grand opening in October, the Pennsauken station had been using only the tracks and platform on the south side to handle train traffic heading in both directions. The elevator on the south side was not broken.

Elevators whisk passengers from the street level to the raised platforms on both sides of the station.

NJ Transit kept the north side closed while waiting for a part to arrive to fix the defective elevator. A faulty elevator piston was covered by warranty, so the repairs were made without additional cost to NJ Transit.

“We made the decision to just keep the platform out of service until the elevator could be repaired, rather than risk further problems by running it in damaged condition,” Smith said.

The Pennsauken station is the newest addition to the commuter rail line that runs between Atlantic City and Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station. Pennsauken serves as a transfer point connecting the Atlantic City and River Line trains, both operated by NJ Transit.

The River Line runs along the Delaware River waterfront between Camden and Trenton. NJ Transit hopes the Pennsauken station will generate more ridership for both the Atlantic City route and the River Line.

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