Several different federal agencies would have been recipients of the more than $60 billion in disaster aid that had been under consideration by Congress. Those agencies would in turn work with states and municipalities on getting the aid disbursed. Below is a rundown of what had been proposed:

* Department of Agriculture: $224 million for Emergency Conservation Program, which helps farmers and ranchers affected by major disasters: $25 million; Emergency Forest Restoration to restore nonindustrial private forest land: $59 million; Emergency Watershed Protection to protect people and property from floods, drought and erosion in the face of disasters: $125 million; and Emergency Food Assistance to help food banks: $15 million

* National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration: $482 million for operations, research and facilities purposes, including $150 million to evaluate, stabilize and restore coastal ecosystems affected by Hurricane Sandy; $150 million in expenses related to fishery disasters; $47 million for restoration of coastal and estuary land; $44.5 million for repairs and upgrades to hurricane reconnaissance aircraft

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* Department of Justice: $15.25 million, including $10 million for federal prison system expenses due to Hurricane Sandy and $5 million for Federal Bureau of Investigation and Drug Enforcement Administration salaries and expenses related to Hurricane Sandy

* National Aeronautics and Space Administration: $15 million for facility repair related to Hurricane Sandy

* Legal Services Corporation: $1 million for coordinators to help low-income clients eligible for legal aid in areas affected by Hurricane Sandy

* Department of Defense (Military): $88.3 million, including for operation and maintenance projects related to Hurricane Sandy damage at Army, Navy, Air Force, Army National Guard and Air National Guard facilities, including at the Naval Weapons Station Earle in New Jersey; and working capital fund of $24 million

* Army Corps of Engineers: $5.36 billion, including $50 million to expedite studies of flood and storm damage reduction related to natural disasters; $3.5 billion for construction projects, which includes areas affected by Hurricanes Sandy and Isaac; $821 million to dredge federal navigation channels and repair damage to corps projects related to natural disasters; and $1 billion for flood control and coastal emergencies

* General Services Administration: $7 million for federal buildings affected by Hurricane Sandy, namely in New York and New Jersey

* Small Business Administration: $545 million, including for grants to provide long-term economic development assistance and $500 million for disaster loans programs

* Department of Homeland Security: $12 billion, including $11.5 billion for Federal Emergency Management Agency’s disaster relief fund; $300 million for disaster assistance direct loan program; and $274 million for Coast Guard acquisition, construction and improvements related to Hurricane Sandy;

* National Flood Insurance Act amendment: $9.7 billion more needed to be added to program or else borrowing capacity expected to be exhausted by Jan. 7.

* Department of Interior: $629 million, including $78 million for Fish and Wildlife Service and $398 million for National Park Service related to consequences of Hurricane Sandy; and $150 million for departmental operations related to Sandy and other storms and natural disasters

* Environmental Protection Agency: $818 million, including $810 million for state and tribal assistance grants for clean water and drinking water state revolving funds for states affected by Hurricane Sandy

* U.S. Forest Service: $4.4 million for expenses related to consequences of Hurricane Sandy

* Smithsonian Institution: $2 million for salaries and expenses related to consequences of Hurricane Sandy

* Department of Labor: $50 million for training and employment services for expenses resulting from Hurricane Sandy

* Department of Health and Human Services: $802 million, including $500 million for social services block grant for expenses resulting from hurricane Sandy; $100 million for Head Start centers affected by Hurricane Sandy; and $200 million for public health and social services emergency fund related to Sandy

* Department of Defense: $24.2 million for military construction, apparently to replaced damaged facilities at Sea Girt National Guard Training Center in New Jersey

* Department of Veterans Affairs: $235.6 million, including $207 million for Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Manhattan, N.Y. and $21 million for medical services related to consequences of Sandy

* Department of Transportation: $12 billion, including $30 million for Federal Aviation Administration facilities impacted by Sandy; $921 million for Federal Highway Administration’s emergency relief program; $336 million for Federal Railroad Administration to address Northeast Corridor infrastructure recovery; and $10.8 billion for public transportation emergency relief program in areas most affected by Sandy

* Department of Housing and Urban Development: $17 billion in community development fund to provide disaster relief, recovery, restoration, economic revitalization and mitigation in most impacted and distressed areas due to Hurricane Sandy, including $2 billion for mitigation projects to reduce future risk and vulnerabilities; $500 million to address unmet needs of impacted areas or for small economically distressed area with a disaster declared in 2011 or 2012; $10 million for technical and administrative costs of administering funds; $10 million to Office of Inspector General to monitor use of funds

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