VINELAND — City Council on Tuesday relieved the developers of a new ShopRite supermarket from having to bid on a liquor license created last year to ensure the facility’s construction.

The 5-0 vote by City Council amended the development agreement between the municipality and B & B Properties.

Plans for the Bottino ShopRite include a retail liquor outlet. Members of the former city government administration said the developers wanted a new liquor license created and included in the agreement for the project to proceed. The agreement stipulated that the developers bid at least $300,000 for the liquor license, with no guarantee they would get the license.

Instead, the developers are paying $450,000 for an inactive liquor license held by an entity called H.C.S. Inc. The license will be held by Vineland Crossing Wine and Spirits LLC. The purchase ensures the supermarket developers that they will have a liquor license.

City Council on Tuesday also voted 5-0 to approve the liquor license transfer from H.C.S. to Vineland Crossing.

City Council’s two votes regarding the supermarket were cast without comment.

The sale of the new liquor license was a crucial part of the administration’s budget plan. The at-least $300,000 the city expected to realize from the sale was to help balance the proposed $59.3 million spending plan.

City officials said they can still put the new liquor license out to public bid.

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