George Pappadopoulos

George Pappadopoulos co-owns Galloway Nutrition.

Kevin Post

Business: Galloway Nutrition

Owners: George Pappadopoulos, 70, of Northfield, and Francine DeDanbator, of Egg Harbor Township

Location: 68 W. Jimmie Leeds Road, Galloway Township

Started: 2008

Employees: Owner operated

Phone: 609-748-0017

Galloway Nutrition is a full nutrition club, specializing in weight loss. What makes us different is that we have free coaching. We coach people until they hit their weight-loss goal.

Then we put them on a maintenance plan that is 96 percent effective. That many people never put on the weight again.

We offer a 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee.

We offer products and services. Most people who come in need to lose weight, but some have health issues and we have products for them, too.

We ask new clients a number of basic questions, such as about exercise, weight and height. These and other factors are entered on a machine, which is attached to the client and takes a cellular reading of their condition.

The machine comes up with three possible programs for the person to help them lose weight. The results include how many calories their body burns at rest and while active, and their body fat percentage and other parameters.

We never charge for coaching. The only thing we ever charge for are the products.

Customers get to choose from among the three programs for them — and all will work. The programs are designed to lose 5 percent, 7 percent or 10 percent of a person’s weight in a month.

If the program doesn’t work for the person, they can bring the remaining products or empty containers back in 30 days for a refund.

We have shakes in seven different flavors that can be used with many other food ingredients. The shakes are approved by the FDA as meal replacements.

Entry: I had owned a restaurant for 25 years in North Jersey. I sold it and wanted to retire. My passion was to beat the casinos playing blackjack, so I came down here and studied the game.

I wound up gaining weight playing blackjack. My doctor wanted me to lose weight immediately, so I researched different programs. This program worked for me as a customer, so I decided to go into the business and eventually open a storefront.

Future plans: I know what it’s like to be 348 pounds and not be able to tie your shoes. My passion now is for helping other people, and I’ve got five people who have lost more than 100 pounds.