Trade With Russia: Members voted 365-43 to establish normal trade with Russia and Moldova under World Trade Organization rules. The bill also replaces the 1974 Jackson-Vanik Act with sanctions on Russian officials linked to human rights abuses and corruption. A yes vote was to pass HR 6156.

Jon Runyan, R-3: YES

Frank LoBiondo, R-2: NO


Hunting, Fishing, Shooting: Senators voted 84-12 to advance a bill to expand hunting and fishing on federal land, promote conservation, protect wildlife habitat, fund shooting ranges and take other steps to enhance outdoor recreation in the U.S. A yes vote was to start debate on S 3525.

Robert Menendez, D: NO

Frank Lautenberg, D: NO

Cyber-Security Filibuster: Senators failed, 51-47, to reach 60 votes for ending the Republicans'‘ filibuster of a bill to establish a voluntary system to help companies fend off cyber-attacks to systems such as power grids that could trigger chaos in the U.S. A yes vote backed the bill (S 3414) over U.S. Chamber of Commerce objections.

Menendez: YES

Lautenberg: YES

Source: Voterama in Congress