Business: Delsea Auto Doctor

Location: 504 Route 47 South, Green Creek section of Middle Township

Owner: Tom, 41, and Sharon Manna, of the North Cape May section of Lower Township

Phone: 609-770-8259

Employees: Owner-operated

Services: We are an auto repair facility. We work on cars and light trucks. We do all maintenance, oil changes, tune-ups, transmission services, engine repairs, exhausts, brakes and the list goes on. We pride ourselves on being honest and trying to keep the price right so the customers can afford to keep their cars. That’s our biggest thing.

Market, advantages: Basically, we try to help people keep their cars going. With the expense of new cars, most people cannot afford them. We keep our labor rate low just to help out. I’ve been doing this for 20 years now. Especially down in this area, it’s tough with people finding work to make decent money. So they’re trying to hang on to their cars as long as they can. We’re able to help them keep their cars on the road.

Entry: I started back in the early 1990s going to the (Cape May County) vocational school. I always enjoyed working with my hands and I didn’t want to work outside. Building houses wasn’t for me, so I decided to give it a try working on automobiles. From there, I just kept going.

I started the business in December. ... It takes tools, equipment, clientele and a good following.

I’ve lived in Cape May County my whole life. Throughout the years — just like with everything else — you create a following and eventually they find you.

The future: We don’t want to grow to where we have multiple garages, but we’d like to grow and have a couple of employees. Basically, gathering more of a customer base to the point where we can help other people with jobs and help ourselves at the same time.

Since December, we’ve grown enough to keep me busy, and within the next year or two we’re hoping to continue to grow customer-wise to help put a couple more people to work.

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