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New Jersey Governor Chris Christie holds a press conference at the High Point Volunteer Fire Company, in the Harvey Cedars section of Long Beach Island, addressing the coming northeaster and recovery from Hurricane Sandy. Wednesday, November, 8, 2012( Press of Atlantic City/ Danny Drake)

Danny Drake

An ongoing spat between Gov. Chris Christie and Atlantic City Mayor Lorenzo Langford appeared to gain more traction in the national spotlight over the weekend, this time as the governor made an appearance on "Saturday Night Live."

Langford was not mentioned by name, but Christie took the opportunity to criticize officials who did not heed evacuation orders issued in light of Hurricane Sandy during his appearance as himself on the "Weekend Update" spoof news segment.

"I'd also like to not thank the following: I do not thank any of the stupid mayors who ignored my evacuation orders. You're idiots," Christie said after thanking emergency responders and poking fun at the embroidered navy blue fleece he's been seen wearing for weeks during visits to flooded towns.

Christie has berated Langford for offering Atlantic City residents shelter on the island since an Oct. 29 news conference, but before that had applauded the city's evacuation efforts.

Langford and other officials told residents to leave the city following the announcement of evacuation plans Oct. 27. Residents were taken to local public schools before being sent to shelters on the mainland, but some of the buildings on the island doubled as "shelters of last resort."

Christie has argued that offering the shelters of last resort sent a mixed message, despite city officials urging people to leave. Other municipalities, including Brigantine, provided shelters on the island but have not seen the same public criticism from Christie.

This marks the second time in a month that the feud landed on NBC's late-night sketch comedy show. On Nov. 5, the show spoofed the disagreement in its opening segment as Christie impersonator Bobby Moynihan Jr. addressed Langford, saying, "I'm gonna come rescue you, and then I'm gonna beat you to death, because that's the Jersey way."

Reporters also took a hit in Christie's remarks. Various news outlets had reporters stationed in the city as the hurricane made landfall.

"I also do not want to thank the reporters that put themselves in danger, you know, by walking into the middle of the hurricane with their cameras," Christie said. "We don't need you to tell us there's a hurricane. We have windows."

The segment ended with Christie quoting New Jersey rocker Bruce Springsteen's "Atlantic City."

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