ATLANTIC CITY - 5 ... 4 ... 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... Happy New Year!

The crowd at Bader Field counted down the last seconds of 2012 Monday, amid music and balloons that fell from the top of the heated tent.

It was the fifth hour of the New Year's Eve rave-style show but the tent was packed at midnight, with few heading toward the exits.

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"Atlantic City, are you ready to start the new year off with a ... party or what?" asked DJ Adventure Club as he introduced headliner Steve Aoki.

Co-promoter Bobby Laws of Media Mogul Group said he was unaware of any incidents and said he hopes to make this a tradition.

"All night I've had kids come up to me and say 'Thank you for making this the greatest night of my life," he said. "Atlantic City came out in droves. I am happy I could give them a safe and controlled environment. It's awesome."

“The Life in Color NYE Bash with Steve Aoki” at Bader Field drew more than 6,000 people to ring in the new year, Laws said.

The college-aged crowd,  dressed in white and neon colors – both clothes and underwear  celebrated the end of 2012 in a giant heated tent that held a large stage at the front and lights that flashed throughout the audience.

The event, which began at 7 p.m. and ran to 2 a.m.  featured DJs who played  electronic music while acrobats and other performers served as side attractions.

But the main attraction was  the paint machines that  splattered the audience throughout the night.

Despite the cold weather, the crowd, many adorned in bright glow sticks, was festive as they arrived, ready to celebrate with the giant rave-style party.

Northfield resident Justin Spare , 19, said he hosts many of these types of parties and is excited for what lays ahead.

"It's just nonsense," he said. "I plan to party and make out with lots of girls."

Many of the participants are from outside the area who came to the resort for this show. The music, they said, is a lifestyle for them

“I love it. It’s just cool,” said Danny Capulet, 27, of New York City. You’ve just got to live it.”

Capulet and his friend Raul Rodriguez, 26, tried to go to a similar party in New York earlier this year but were denied entrance when the hall exceeded the fire limit. They came down to Atlantic City to finally experience it.

“You’ve got to come down and see it,” he said. “It’s definitely something different.”

Chad Chimahosky, 22, of Reading. Pa. is a veteran, having been to five other shows. He brought some friends to show them the ropes.

“There’s no better way to spend New Year’s Eve then get covered in paint with a bunch of other knuckleheads who want to do it too,” he said.

Ross Marcus, 25, of Marmora dressed like the headlining DJ Steve Aoki and brought a bright white t-shirt to be smothered in paint.

"This is a keepsake!" he bellowed to the large group of people waiting in line. “I plan on getting dirty.”

The event did draw complaints from residents, who said they heard noise from the concert throughout the resort.

Eric Nguyen said the music could be heard miles away.

“The noise from this event is very annoying,” he said.

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