Governor $175,000.00
BAGGER, RICH Chief of Staff $141,000.00
CHIESA, JEFF Chief Counsel $141,000.00
O'DOWD, KEVIN Deputy Chief Counsel $140,000.00
GRAMICCIONI, DEBORAH Director of Authorities $140,000.00
BROWN, MICHELE Appointments Counsel $140,000.00
STEPIEN, BILL Deputy Chief of Staff $135,000.00
HASENBALG, WAYNE Deputy Chief of Staff $135,000.00
COMELLA, MARIA Director of Communications $135,000.00
IANNACONE, ROSEMARY Director of Ops/Spc Ast. To gov $135,000.00
GOETTING, LOU Cabinet Secretary $130,000.00
EDWARDS, GREGG Director of Policy $130,000.00
HUTCHEON, BARBARA Policy Advisor $130,000.00
LEONARD, JIM Policy Advisor $130,000.00
DOMALEWSKI, CRAIG Special Counsel $130,000.00
DREWNIAK, MIKE Press Secretary $129,000.00
GARRENGER, ROBERT Assistant Counsel $127,647.74
FORREST, JUNE Assistant Counsel $126,000.00
HENDERSON, CAM Director of Protocol $125,000.00
WOODS, PIPPA Policy Advisor $122,522.00
REBUCK, DAVID Policy Advisor $122,000.00
SCHERMERHORN, BETH Director of Budget $121,500.00
MATEY, PAUL Assistant Counsel $120,000.00
TOBER, PETER Special Counsel $120,000.00
JACKSON, DEBI Director of Administration and Personnel $113,515.31
MCCLURE, KELLY Executive Assistant $110,786.85
SCHWANEBERG, ROBERT Policy Advisor $110,000.00
HULICK, JOHN Policy Advisor $105,000.00
GUERRERO, SUSANA Assistant Counsel $105,000.00
MARCHESE, CLAUDIA Assistant Counsel $105,000.00
MARSHALL, BOB Assistant Counsel $105,000.00
MELICK, AMY Assistant Counsel $105,000.00
CALIGUIRE, TRICIA Policy Advisor $100,000.00
WEINSTEIN, DAVID Policy Advisor $100,000.00
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