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Anthony Smedile

Gov. Chris Christie, please sign New Jersey’s Internet-gambling bill.

You have been a prime mover in re-establishing Atlantic City as an outstanding resort community. We are truly grateful for your establishment of the Tourism District and the curtailing of the funds that were sent to the racetracks and are now used for marketing Atlantic City. The Atlantic City Alliance was formed as a result of this and is doing what needs to be done to make people around the nation aware of this magnificent resort.

You are cognitive of the fact that other states are considering instituting Internet gambling. Both Republican and Democrats in the Legislature moved together in providing the bill in December that will enable New Jersey’s casinos to institute Internet gambling. Since that was done, I have received numerous calls on my radio show urging you to sign the bill.

There is little doubt in my mind that Internet gambling would be a tremendous asset to Atlantic City’s casinos. It would re-establish New Jersey as a prime site for those participating in the gambling industry. It would also bring to the city the possibility of new ownership of one or two casinos that are up for sale. I imagine you are aware that discussions are ongoing for the purchase of the Atlantic Club Casino Hotel and the Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino. I believe the signing of the bill will enhance these purchases.

Call for cameras

A recent letter to the editor asked, “How can Kravitz call for more cameras?” It was easy, as I believe there is a necessity to have additional cameras in Atlantic City.

The letter writer should realize there are cameras in many areas. They are in the casinos, in retail stores, in malls and in many communities on their streets. The writer was concerned about the fact that the cameras could read the numbers on his wristwatch. Why worry about that? How can that hurt you? He also was worried about cameras being able to listen to conversations. The speakers that will be ordered for the Atlantic City Boardwalk will not have the capability of picking up any conversations.

Two recent incidents show how cameras help come up with information to help arrest those committing crimes. Back in the summer, there was an incident in front of Bally’s Atlantic City. A young man had a gun and fired it into the air, sending people scurrying all over. Bally’s has cameras facing its facilities, and they picked up the features of the one who fired the gun and led to his arrest and conviction.

The second example was the horrible incident of the deadly carjacking in the garage at the Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort. Cameras in the garage were able to pick up when the suspects’ car entered the garage and when it left, and helped police see those who were driving and eventually arrest them.

It is quite likely that these arrests would not have been made without the assistance of the cameras.

The letter writer also said: “How any American can endorse such a big brother exercise and surveillance is almost unfathomable.” I urge him to talk with members of the police department in any community and the commander of Atlantic City’s Tourism District. They will explain to him why they endorse the so-called “big brother exercise” that is becoming an outstanding assistant to those who look out for the safety and welfare of citizens.

The camera issue is not a new one, as I have been after this for many years. It is time to get cameras on the Boardwalk and speakers for announcements that will assist those strolling the wooden way. I’m glad the letter writer gave me an opportunity to once again bring this issue to the attention of those who can make it happen. Hopefully, these explanations will ease the concern of the letter writer.

Miss America’s future

Later this month, the Miss America Pageant will once again be held in Las Vegas. It is my understanding that this is the last year for which the organization has a contract to present the pageant in Las Vegas. It is time to get everyone together and do what’s necessary to bring Miss America back to her birthplace, Atlantic City.

The pageant was originally held in September, but is now held in January. The pageant is broadcast on the ABC network. It is my understanding the network has a contract to continue its presentation, as the show has drawn large viewership. The major difference in holding the pageant in January is that there would be no parade on the Boardwalk. However, organizers could develop a special parade in the Atlantic City Convention Center.

Hopefully the powers in our state government, the Atlantic City Alliance and those with the Atlantic City Convention & Visitor’s Authority will put forth the effort necessary to bring Miss America back.

Seminole tribe signings

The Seminole Tribe of Florida, apparently content with record revenues and massive expansions, announced a five-year contract extension for James F Allen, chairman of Hard Rock International and CEO of Seminole Gaming. The tribe also announced that Larry Mullen, former president of casinos in Atlantic City and Australia, has been named COO of Seminole Gaming.

Richmond Avenue School

The new Richmond Avenue School in Atlantic City has opened its doors to more than 500 students. Why my interest in this when I neglected to mention the other new schools, on Pennsylvania and New York avenues, that have recently opened in Atlantic City? It is because I was a teacher in that school for three years.

I taught 4th through 6th grades back in the early 1950s. It was an interesting experience, and one I’ve never forgotten. The Richmond Avenue School became even closer to me as my daughter, Cherri, taught a 5th grade class there for several years until her death. In her memory, my family planted a tree at the school. Hopefully, it will be replanted at the new school.

The Atlantic City Board of Education is to be commended for the quality of the schools it has built over the past several years. Having a solid recreation program will help keep kids off the streets and into good learning experiences.

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