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Several weeks ago, this column had a story about the possibility of Miss America returning to its original site, Atlantic City.

It was noted that the contract for performing in Las Vegas had been completed, and organizers were looking for a new home.

Rumors abounded about the possibility of Gov. Chris Christie and Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno being involved in aiding the return of the Miss America Pageant to Atlantic City. Several other influential people in New Jersey have been diligently working with the Miss America Board of Directors to bring it home.

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A news conference with Guadagno has been scheduled for today. It is anticipated that she will make the announcement that Miss America will return to Atlantic City.

One of the major problems was when would the pageant be held. It has been known that the ABC network wants to keep the pageant in January. If that is true, there would be no opportunity to have the parade that had become a vital part of Miss America and Atlantic City. Two years ago, a suggestion was made to invite the Miss America contestants to parade on the Atlantic City Boardwalk in September, while the pageant would be held in January in Las Vegas. This idea was turned down.

Those who were thinking about bringing Miss America back to Atlantic City agreed to keep the pageant in January and suggested doing the parade in September. By that time, all of the Miss America contestants would be selected and able to participate in the parade. This is a great idea, as it would create a lot of excitement for the parade and interest in the Miss America Pageant.

Hopefully, those who have been endeavoring to bring Miss America back to its birthplace will be successful. It would be great news for the Miss America Pageant, the Miss America Parade and Atlantic City.

Happy Valentine’s Day

It is very rare that this column has the privilege of appearing in the newspaper on this day of love, admiration and good feelings. Memories flow of the days of being a teacher, being in class and making sure that everyone received a Valentine card that had been drawn or written by a classmate.

This is a day to be commemorated as we discuss the joy of letting their fellow students know that someone cares for them. Throughout the year, we really don’t think about the feelings of other people. That is unfortunate. In most cases, we know little about what goes on outside of our classroom, the homes of your classmates or, in later life, when they are in their workplace.

Many of us think very little about Valentine’s Day and chide one another about a gift or a remembrance of this special day. Many of us suffice with a greeting of Happy Valentine’s Day. Hopefully, some of you will take the time to let family members, friends and acquaintances know that you care for them and are concerned about their well-being.

For too many of us, it is just another day. The burdens of doing well in school or in the workplace, if you are fortunate enough to have a position, are constantly challenging. This is a very difficult time for many people as they are without a full-time job.

It is this thought that brought the joy of today to mind. Take a moment and call someone with whom you haven’t spoken for quite a while and simply say, “Happy Valentine’s Day.” You will be surprised at how good it will make them and you feel.

This is good day to remember a saying a friend of mine had: “If you think things are bad, someone has it worse, and if you think things are great, someone has it better.”

And here is my philosophy of life that we should adhere to: “In this world there are no strangers, only friends who haven’t met.”

Trump Plaza update

Word on the street is that the plan for the purchase of the Trump Plaza has not yet been completed, although the prospective owners were in town last week for discussions with representatives of the Trump Taj Mahal. It is my understanding that if and when this deal is completed, the group buying the facility will come up with a new facility that has been described as something that has not yet been seen in Atlantic City.

DOT meeting

This is a reminder that the Department of Transportation’s bicycling and pedestrian meeting will be held March 15, in Atlantic City Council chambers. The public will be able to see the plan before the meeting, from 3 to 5 p.m. Bike enthusiasts and pedestrians are urged to attend and see the unique proposal, which could include making Atlantic Avenue one-way or one lane in each direction. I urge you to be in attendance. Funds to create the plan will come from the DOT.


This column is pleased to inform you that the site on the beach block of Lincoln Place across the street from the Enclave Condominiums has been purchased by a group from Florida. They want to clear the site as quickly as possible.

Demolition of the two smaller apartment buildings nearest to Atlantic Avenue has already taken place, and that portion of the site will soon be cleared. The two large brick apartment complexes that front the Boardwalk will need to have the remaining asbestos cleared. It is anticipated it will take a month or so to do that. When that is completed, those buildings will be taken down. There has been no comment relative to any development plans for the site.

Beach replenishment

The entire Atlantic City beachfront will be replenished from New Hampshire to Jackson avenues. Dredging is expected to begin within a month and could last throughout the summer. The work will progress from east to west, pumping in sand to replace what was lost to Sandy.

Boardwalk lights

A pre-bid meeting on exterior Boardwalk lights was held Feb. 11 at which time details of the project were discussed with potential contractors interested in responding to an RFP issued by the CRDA. Bids are due Feb. 26, with completion scheduled for fall 2013, pending the CRDA’s board approval.

A display board of the planned lighting was presented to the committee and is quite attractive. The lights will be on the Pacific Avenue side of Boardwalk Hall and will be able be seen for many miles.

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