Business: Re/Max At The Shore, Cape May

Location: 315 Ocean Court, Suite 24, Washington Commons, Cape May

Owners: Robert Pitera and Kurt Feinstein, both of Ocean City

Operated by: Brian Groetsch, of Lower Township; Christine Rothwell, Gregg Giancola and Gregg's son, Brian

Agents: 7 licensees

Phone: 609-884-4242

Re/Max At The Shore, Cape May was opened as a partnership of various agents in town.

We're a branch office of Re/Max At The Shore, which is part of the Re/Max network.

This office was opened and is operated by myself and Christine Rothwell, Gregg Giancola and Gregg's son, Brian.

We're the ninth location for Re/Max At the Shore in Cape May County. Re/Max At The Shore is the No. 1 agency for both transactions and sales volume in Cape May County. We're also the largest multioffice Re/Max franchise in New Jersey, with more than 110 agents.

Our vacation rentals encompass the Cape Mays and the Delaware Bay side of Cape May County. Our sales cover the Cape May and Lower Township area.

The one point of difference for Re/Max is the business model and how that benefits the agents. The model allows real estate agents to become true independent contractors and grow their own business.

The agent earns almost all of the commissions and pays the office for the services they receive - the desk, the phones, the staff. In exchange for that, they receive one of the best commission splits out there.

An agent's costs are limited to their own use, and they get to benefit fully from their sales efforts.

Once you achieve a certain level of production in the business, Re/Max becomes the place to go.

Entry: I work as a swell team with Christine. We worked previously for Century 21, about eight years each. We were at the Wildwood Crest office of Re/Max At The Shore for a year before opening this office.

The future: Gregg Giancola has been one of the top agents in Cape May for the past 24 years. His sales team has been prominent in Cape May for a very long time.

We're looking to grow, to introduce the Re/Max system and how it can benefit the agents and brokers in the market, as well as their clients. We're certainly looking to add agents going forward.

Business Editor Kevin Post

Our office is in the Washington Commons in the heart of Cape May, near the Washington Street Mall.

We'll specialize in residential and commercial sales, as well as vacation rentals.

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