Pesia Romeo

Business: The Pink Corset

Owner: Pesia Romeo, of Little Egg Harbor Township

Location: Historic Shoppes at Smithville,

Latest Video

in Galloway Township

Started: 2009

Employees: Three

Phone: 609-241-0832

The Pink Corset is a lingerie store. I had lived up north and was used to shopping in Nordstrom. When I came here, I couldn’t find lingerie that I liked.

One day I was on my way to Smithville to buy chocolate for company and there was a huge, empty store. I pursued the store and eventually got it.

I was looking for a shortcut to find the best manufacturers, so I went to Saks 5th Avenue in North Jersey and I copied down the vendors that I felt would work for this area.

So we carry German bras, English bras, lots of French companies and pieces from the Netherlands, Australia and Canada.

The most important part of the business is the people who work here as fitters. You could wear a $200 bra and if it doesn’t fit properly, you might as well wear a $20 bra because it’s going to look just as bad.

We make a lot of women happy, when they see the difference physically, how they look and feel. And there are health issues. Today so many women are visiting chiropractors because their bra isn’t supporting their breasts and the body has to carry them.

We also carry sleepwear and have a bridal section with beautiful lingerie.

Entry: I have been an entrepreneur for 40 years, since age 23. I was retired for about four years and I was going crazy. I love people and I’ll talk to everybody.  I previously had a nails and makeup salon on Staten Island, with 17 people working for me.

The future: I’ve had three offers to open stores elsewhere, but a store is hard work. I’m the buyer, the fitter and the merchandiser.

We’re doing quadruple the business from the year we opened.



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