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Richard Stockton College’s board of trustees approved new room and board rates Wednesday that will increase costs an average 2 percent for the 2013-14 school year.

President Herman J. Saatkamp Jr. said tuition would not be decided until July, after the state budget is approved and colleges know exactly how much state aid they will get. But he said it would take at least a 2 percent increase in tuition to cover just the state-negotiated salary increases.

Meal plan rates at the college in Galloway Township will increase 2.3 percent, with costs varying from $1,803 to $3,460 per year, depending on the meal plan chosen.

On-campus housing costs would also increase either 1.5 percent or 2 percent based on the housing location. Housing at Seaview will drop about 6 percent to $4,421 per semester.

Housing costs range from $2,823 per semester for a shared triple in Housing 2 to $4,841 for a single room in Housing 5.

Almost all fees will remain the same. The only change in mandatory fees is the transportation fee, which will go up from $70 to $75 per semester. The late-payment fee will rise from $75 to $100.

Saatkamp said the cost of mandated student health insurance is also a concern. He said about 20 percent of students do not have health insurance from another source, and the cost of providing it to those students has gone up every year and is now more than $1,000.

In response to questions from student Jessica Carey on what college officials are doing to control costs, Saatkamp said the college has increased scholarships each year, now budgeting about $13 million. He said the college’s solar and geothermal systems save at least $3 million a year in energy costs.

The trustees also recognized Saatkamp on his 10th anniversary at the college.

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