The temperature reached 85 degrees in the Atlantic City area Tuesday, tying a record for April 9 that dates to 1959.

The historically warm weather, based on 140 years of data compiled by the National Weather Service, marks a dramatic upswing from recent weeks.

On Thursday, the service recorded a low temperature of 24 degrees at Atlantic City International Airport in Egg Harbor Township, tying a record for that date, April 4, that was set in 1967. The day before also tied a record low of 23 degrees for that day that was reached in 1964.

Two weeks ago, a record amount of snow fell on March 25. The 1.9 inches of snow topped a record of 1.4 inches set on March 25, 1990.

The record high for today is also 85 degrees, and the forecast for today includes highs in the low 80s.

The weather service issued a forest fire advisory Tuesday, the latest of several warnings in recent weeks about dry conditions leading to heightened risks of wildfire. Low humidity and wind gusts of 20 mph would further allow grass and brush to dry and pose a fire risk.

Firefighters throughout the state responded to a number of brush fires Tuesday, including one that burned about an acre in Galloway Township.

There is a chance of rain Friday, which would reduce the risk.

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