The Mainland Regional High School boys crew team and the Egg Harbor Township High School girls team each won two races Sunday at the second Manny Flick-Horvat Series regatta on the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia. All the races were 1,500 meters.

The Mainland boys varsity four won the third flight of its division in 5 minutes, 15.12 seconds. The Mustangs boys junior eight won the first of the division’s three flights.

The EHT girls junior eight won its flight in 5:24.90 seconds, the best time of the division’s two flights. The Eagles’ girls junior quad won its flight.

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Absegami won the girls second eight category’s one race in 5:15.82. The Egg Harbor Township boys lightweight four won the first of two flights in its class. The St. Augustine Prep boys freshman eight captured the first of three flights in its division in 4:45.39, the best time in the class.

No local varsity eights were winners. The Absegami girls and boys varsity eights each finished second in their flights.


Girls novice eight (flight 1)—1. Mount St. Joseph 5:58.92; 2. EHT 6:11.51.

Girls novice eight (flight 2)—1. Philadelphia City Rowing 5:42.02; 3.ABS 6:10.55.

Boys novice eight (flight 1)—1. St. Joseph’s Prep 5:35.82; 3. SA B 6:29.23.

Boys novice eight (flight 2)—1. Haverford School 5:26.26; 2. SA A 5:33.90.

Girls freshman eight (flight 1)—1. Merion Mercy 5:36.20; 3. ABS 5:43.00.

Boys freshman eight (flight 1)—1. SA (Phillip Leonetti, John McCall, Vince Zanghi, Rocco Fucetola, Brennan Finley, Dave Drew, Nick Schalek, Chris McGinnis, coxswain Hunter Reed) 4:45.39.

Boys freshman eight (flight 2)—1. Belen Jesuit 4:45.80; 5. EHT 5:44.21.

Boys freshman eight (flight 3)—1. Father Judge 5:10.20; 4. SA 5:59.06.

Girls junior four (flight 2)—1. Manhasset 5:41.10; 5. ABS 6:11.45.

Girls junior four (flight 3)—1. Merion Mercy 5:47.88; 3. VIN 5:48.86.

Boys junior four (flight 1)—1. Haverford School 5:23.08; 3. EHT 5:29.42.

Girls junior quad (flight 2)—1. EHT (Nicole DiPietro, Antonia Maffia, Brooke Gaskill, Julia Hendricks) 5:52.21.

Girls junior eight (flight 1)—1. EHT (Sydnie Pennington, Emily Woods, Rebecca Suthard, Madison Barbieri, Nicole Baliszewski, Alex Bossi, Danielle McCormick, Taylor Cass, coxswain Vida Torres) 5:24.90.

Boys junior eight (flight 1)—1. MAIN (Jesse Troiano, Vince Carraccio, Gavin Friehofer, Patrick Green, Mark Hewitt, Mike Bell, Martin Brenner, coxswain John Ellerman) 4:51.90; 3. ABS 5:15.01; 5. SA 5:29.19.

Boys junior eight (flight 2)—1. Haddonfield 5:02.65; 6. EHT 5:42.95.

Boys junior eight (flight 3)—1. Radnor 4:47.91; 3. SA A 4:49.56.

Girls lightweight four (flight 2)—1. Mount St. Joseph 6:06.95; 3. VIN 6:13.81; 4. EHT 6:19.72.

Boys lightweight four (flight 1)—1. EHT (Danny Warrell, Brian Scheeler, Greg Diggiins, Eric Battisti, coxswain Matthew Erlandson) 5:23.20; 5. MAIN 5:40.08.

Boys lightweight eight—1. St. Joseph’s Prep 4:25.16; 4. SA 4:44.78.

Girls second eight—1. ABS (Samantha Irvin, Brittany Aponte, Angelica Mullins, Adrienne Pedersen, Kylie Bakley, Taylor Murphy, Megan Razukas, Sonia Rubillo, coxswain Tina Murphy) 5:15.82; 4. EHT 5:55.04.

Boys second eight—1. La Salle 4:41.41; 3. ABS 4:55.87; 4. SA 5:09.55.

Boys varsity four (flight 1)—1. Father Judge 5:07.78; 4. EHT 5:32.11.

Boys varsity four (flight 3)—1. MAIN (Vince Carraccio, Zack Dothe, Sean Frawley, Chris Castellano, coxswain Mike Bradley) 5:15.12.

Girls varsity eight (flight 1)—1. Manhasset 5:05.37; 2. ABS 5:08.68; 6. VIN 5:57.33.

Girls varsity eight (flight 2)—1. Mount St. Joseph A 5:03.67; 6. EHT 5:22.66.

Boys varsity eight (flight 1)—1. St. Joseph’s Prep 4:17.11; 3. SA B 4:28.98.

Boys varsity eight (flight 2)—1. Moorestown 4:35.34; 2. ABS 4:36.87; 3. SA 4:43.31.

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