The State Parole Board properly notified Atlantic City of each of the 22 parolees who wound up at a local motel, a state official said Friday.

Mayor Lorenzo Langford and members of City Council were upset after learning that the paroled inmates — including 10 Tier 1 sex offenders — had been staying at the Sunset Inn at 1600 Absecon Blvd.

The administration and police officials had said they did not know the parolees were all staying at the motel.

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But each time a prisoner is paroled, a letter is sent to the chief of police of the town, spokesman David Thomas said Friday. A monthly update is also given to each department showing where parolees are in that municipality.

To avoid the “clustering” of paroled inmates that happened at the Sunset Inn, Police Chief Ernest Jubilee said Thursday that a new policy will require that the Intelligence Unit be notified of the parolees and that supervisors will be regularly updated.

Those who had been staying at the motel were released at different times. Some had been at that location since before the summer, Thomas said.

In addition to the letter, each of the 10 sex offenders were required to register at the police station in person under Megan’s Law. That appears to have been done in each of those cases, Thomas said.

That information is then sent to the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office to determine the tiering process. Megan’s Law separates sex offenders by the seriousness of the crime, with violent pedophiles at Tier 3. State Police are then notified so the offenders can be listed on the national database.

Tier 1 offenders, such as those who had been at the motel, are considered the least likely to re-offend and have been convicted of crimes such as statutory rape. Those offenders do not get listed on the public online database, and notification of neighbors is not required, Thomas said. They do not have restrictions as to where they can live.

Residents had raised concerns due to the Sunset Inn’s proximity to the Martin Luther King Jr. School Complex.

Jubilee said Friday that the city’s investigation into what happened is ongoing and therefore he could not comment on the state’s information.

“(The investigation) should be done by the beginning of next week at the latest,” he said. “I’ll be in a better position to talk about it when I hear back from them.”

Thomas said there are 250 parolees in the city.

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