Press readers share their views, via e-mail, about the Philadelphia Eagles' firing Monday of longtime coach Andy Reid.

Nobody wanted Andy Reid fired more than I did, but if you look at his career objectively, you have to say he did a solid job.

My beef with him is he seemed to always get out-coached in the biggest games and was too stubborn to learn from his mistakes. His time management during games was always bad and never improved. His refusal to run the ball was just maddening.

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I appreciate what Reid did up to the Super Bowl year, but it was time to move on and thinking about next year without Reid as coach is something that makes me happy.



Andy's problems started when he ditched his philosophy from building a team through the draft with character players to going out and signing high-profile free agents.

These free agents such as Nnamdi Asomugha and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie had no allegiance to Philadelphia or the team. They were strictly hired guns and they back fired. He did this because he was under pressure from the owner to win a Super Bowl as quickly as possible. He never came close after changing his team strategy.

He also could never find the right fit for defensive coordinator after Jim Johnson passed away.

Andy's a good guy and I hope he finds success.


Sea Isle City

We had pretty much happy years with Andy. He took us to the Super Bowl and many playoffs. Will never forget playing the Giants two years ago down by four touchdowns with 8 minutes, 22 seconds left in the game and the Eagles came back and won the game.

Good luck, Andy.



I am old enough that I was at the 1960 championship game vs. Green Bay. I have seen good times and good coaches, and my share of bad and really bad coaches. For 11 years, Andy brought excitement and wins for the city of Philadelphia. I just feel he stayed around a few years too long. I wish him well.

I just would like a new coach who shows the passion and heart that the fans of this team display every week.



Andy was a great coach for the Eagles. This year was tough due to a lack of preparation, injuries, and let us not forget the death of his son.

There was no motivation from any players except when things were going good. No heart! Who was the leader on the field? Andy never did get too upset with anything.

Whoever is the next coach, pick a tough guy! A get-in-your-face type of guy who demands effort 100 percent of the game, practice and the offseason. Sometimes change is hard to accept, but this team needs new leadership and a new direction.

See you on the sidelines again somewhere. Goodbye, Andy. Best wishes. Thanks for the good times! Eagle fan forever!


Rio Grande

Reid's 14 years can be summed up by stubbornness. How he tried to use QBs that weren't accurate passers in a West Coast offense, his refusal to have a balance of run/pass, how he didn't value certain positions such as wide receivers, linebackers and safeties.

And the most glaring mistakes were the last two years with the assistant coaches he hired, notably Juan Castillo, Howard Mudd, Jim Washburn and Bobby April.



With 140 wins in 14 seasons, Reid was a good coach, not great, but good as in having a B-average in school.

Great coaches prevail in the crucial games.

Winning one of five NFC championship games makes his average .200, and don't forget he lost in the Super Bowl, too.

Poor clock management, less than stellar draft choices and inappropriate positioning of assistant coaches were his undoing, I believe.

Let's look ahead with optimism as what else can we do other than begin reminiscing about the good times we enjoyed as fans. Those days are over.


Egg Harbor Township

I thoroughly enjoyed the two NFC championship games in Philly against Tampa and Carolina when the Eagles were favored by a touchdown in each game and choked big time.

I've got both games on tape and have enjoyed watching them many times! Anybody need copies?



Even though I fall within the ranks that Andy Reid's time is done here in Philadelphia, I think that people who dismiss his accomplishments on the basis that he didn't win a Super Bowl are not fair or even rational.

A coach can only guide and motivate a team so far. To lead his team to the big game is his job, and he fulfilled that. He couldn't control Donovan McNabb's upset stomach in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl. He couldn't control dropped passes and missed tackles.

On a personal level, I just got so tired of his treatment of the media and his constant refrain that "it's my responsibility" and "I've got to do a better job there". After 14 years, it just gets a bit tedious. But his accomplishment of turning the franchise around and keeping the Eagles competitive for over 10 years is a statement in itself. If being the most successful coach in Eagles history isn't good enough, well, then what is?


Galloway Township

 The Andy Reid era in Philly is over. There were many things to like. He regularly beat Dallas, Washington and the Giants. He put the Birds in the playoffs, but he never won the big one. The last loss of the season was the most stinging - especially the one to Tampa (Jon Gruden was the coach; maybe the next one in Philly?).

There were infuriating things that never changed - clock management, the lack of a running attack, the constant refrain of "I've got to do a better job."

he consensus seems to be that he will find another NFL head-coaching gig soon. I wish him luck. His time in Philly left the job unfinished. Maybe the next guy can finish it. But the rebuilding will be massive. I don't think that Nick Foles is the answer. Michael Vick is definitely not as well. If Gruden is the new coach, get Alex Smith and go from there. Gruden is a QB guru and may represent the fastest way back into contention.



To put into words, 14 years with Andy Reid is like a good marriage gone bad. He started with an aggressive coaching staff. Then, as the years went by, he neglected to have good clock management. He had poor red-zone play, bad draft choices and bad assistant coaches, and an attitude that it was all his fault! Thus a divorce from Philadelphia.



Reid took over a bad Eagles team that was in dire need of new leadership and needed to move in a different direction. It took a couple seasons, but the Birds started to slowly move up the ranks in the NFC East, eventually winning division titles, conference titles and the NFC championship to reach the Super Bowl.

Unfortunately, that was the highlight of Reid's tenure in Philly.

After the Eagles' loss to the Patriots in the Super Bowl, it was a steady decline in the standings/division until this season hitting rock bottom. You can blame Reid and his staff or you can blame the players themselves. I think its a combination of the two.

Reid lost his edge and the players stopped listening. I've been rough on Reid these past five seasons. Others say he is the winningest coach in Eagles history, but to those I ask, "Where are the Super Bowl rings?"

That's the bottom line for any coach and/or team. You can rewrite the record books of your team's history as well as NFL records, but without a that Super Bowl ring, as far as I'm concerned it;s a big fat nothing.


Somers Point

Now that Reid is officially gone, it's only fair to compare him with a couple of prior successful Eagle coaches - Buddy Ryan and Dick Vermeil.

My favorite, Ryan, was a lot of fun and had a great eye for talent, especially in the draft. His problem was that he was not a good game-day coach, at least not on the offensive side of the ball.

With Vermeil, you got a much more personable coach than Reid and a better one during the game. On the negative side, he was too emotional and flamed out early in his Eagles career.

To be fair to Andy, while he was not as good a talent evaluator as Ryan and not as good a game-day coach as Vermeil, he gave us the best quality of Eagles football over a sustained period of time than anyone else in my lifetime. It certainly was time for him to leave, but it may be a while before we have another golden era of football in Philly.

In any case, Andy, good luck in your new job (as long as it isn't with the Dallas Cowboys).



Reid was great for Eagles fans. He brought back an excitement and respect that we had not seen since Dick Vermeil. It was a love-hate relationship with Andy due to him not winning a Super Bowl.

Fans are hard to please in Philly when you don't win the big one. I thought it is understandable because it hasn't happened for 52 years. I could go on and on about Andy, but it would take up a full page. I wish him the best, but he lost the team and it is time to move on. I hope Mr.Lurie picks a coach just as good but a little bit better.



Getting rid of Reid is not going to change the outcome next season. Whether the Eagles win games or lose a lot of games will depend on the players themselves. They will be starting from the ground up with more than one coach and new, untried players (and number one on the list would be a new quarterback).

Perhaps a new coach with a new outlook is precisely what is needed. Hopefully, Reid will bounce back somewhere down the line. Those fans who were so outspoken and wanted Reid gone have got their wish. Sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for.

I like football and the Eagles despite their losing season.

Best of luck in the future to Andy Reid.


North Cape May

It is a day to remember Reid and the success he has had for 14 years as coach of the Eagles. I will remember a man that went to work every day trying to build a team to win a Super Bowl for the Eagles and the city of Philadelphia.

To me, it was time to move on, but I hope Mr. Lurie will get it right again and this team will get on a winning track. Reid did what he thought was right whether we agree or not, but he did in my opinion care about us, the fans. Andy put us back on the winning way and now we need that next coach to come in and and take the Eagles to the next level. For this team, anything short of a Super Bowl is a disappointment. Thank you, Andy, for 14 years of loyal service.



I thoroughly enjoyed the two NFC championship games in Philly against Tampa and Carolina when the Eagles were favored by a touchdown in each game and choked big time.

I've got both games on tape and have enjoyed watching them many times! Anybody need copies?



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