Only about ten percent of those eligible to appeal their denial in two state-run Sandy aid programs did so by the deadline Monday, Department of Community Affairs Spokesperson Lisa Ryan said.

In February the DCA sent out about 5,400 letters to Rehabilitation, Reconstruction, Elevation and Mitigation, or RREM, and Resettlement grant applicants who had been deemed ineligible for aid and never filed an appeal, but only received 358 appeals for the Resettlement Program and 224 appeals for the RREM Program at deadline, Ryan said. 

The DCA reopened the process earlier this year for those whose claims were deemed ineligible after it was found that applicants to the Resettlement and RREM programs had been rejected based on erroneous data. 

The additional appeal period was not for individuals who had previously appealed their ineligibility determination, but for those who were deemed ineligible and had not previously appealed.  

Braden Campbell