Business: Dolled Up

Location: 6167 Harding Highway (Route 40), Mays Landing

Store manager: Dana Jimenez, of Washington Township

Employees: 2

Phone: 609-837-2736

Dolled Up, a boutique, offers clothing, bags, jewelry and accessories that are lightly used, at up to 70 percent off retail prices.

We specialize in buying and selling major mall brands, including Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister Co., Guess, Juicy Couture, Lucky, Steve Madden, Miss Me and Coach.

We added 500 square feet of retail space and now carry more than 3,000 items in the store.

We have more than 500 top-brand jeans in sizes from 00 to 18, 300 pairs of shoes, including heels and boots, and hundreds of skirts, jackets and hoodies.

We also have a cool rack of cocktail dresses for that special night out.

Atlantic and Cumberland counties needed a quality clothing reseller. There’s a big difference from what we do versus a consignment store.

Dolled Up pays you cash on the spot for your clothes. There is no waiting for them to sell.

We review what customers bring in and generate a cash offer based on style, brand, condition, season and demands.

It’s an easy process. No appointment is needed. In fact, most customers browse the store for 20 minutes or so while we review what they brought in.

In the short time we’ve been open, the response has been awesome.

Parents are instilling values such as saving money at a younger age, and teens are bringing what’s in their closets to us for cash, and then buying some new cool stuff.

We have a loyalty-card program in which customers can get a $15 credit after 10 visits in which they spend at least $10.

We use Facebook to inform customers of sales and promotions.

Entry: This is our first store. It’s tough out there with the economy struggling and people out of work. We felt it was an opportune time to give local residents a great shopping experience without breaking their wallet.

The future: We get new inventory every day and rearrange the store frequently.

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