Trump Plaza Beach Bar

Trump Plaza Beach Bar, Saturday, May 19, 2012, Atlantic City.

Stefanie Campolo

You don’t go to A.C. for the air conditioning

If you actually want to party outside and by the beach when you get to the resort, you have to check out the Trump Plaza Beach Bar, the largest of the city’s three original beach bars. A short wooden walkway leads off a central location on the boardwalk to the bar just over the dunes and slightly raised above the sand. It opens early and closes late all summer long, so come for the day drinking and stay for the nightlife.


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It’s always T-shirt time here

The dress code is strictly casual, as it is at all the city’s beach bars, so plan to wear shorts, a skirt, jeans or a dress, depending on the weather and whether it might get chilly at night. Beachwear and sandals are also permitted.

Sex on the beach is overrated

The drink isn’t that special either. Instead, try the bar’s wide range of frozen cocktails, like Shipwrecked, a mix of Captain Morgan’s spiced rum, Malibu coconut-flavored vodka, triple sec and pineapple juice, or Yummy Gummy, with Pinnacle gummy vodka, triple sec and lemonade.

They hope you like jammin’ too

There is constant live entertainment at the beach bar throughout the summer, with groups that play plenty of island music and reggae, as well as cover bands and DJs that play modern hits. Music is more low-key and chill during the day, and it picks up into a dance party at night.

Watch out for your mom … or your daughter

Beach bars in Atlantic City are truly melting pots of partygoers, with people of all backgrounds and ages liable to show up on any night. The 40-year-olds are just as likely to be shamelessly dancing next to the 21-year-olds to the latest Katy Perry hit or ‘80s rock standards.

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