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    WHO ARE THEY: Wynonna reached superstardom in the 1980s as half of the country duo The Judds. The group disbanded in 1990 when Wyonna’s mother Naomi Judd was diagnosed with hepatitis C, but Wynonna went on to forge a successful solo career. Her first album “Wynonna” was a huge success, selling more than 3 million albums and topping the country charts. Her 1993 album“Tell me Why” was equally as successful and featured five Top 10 singles. “Revelations,” which was released in 1996, was more introspective and featured the No. 1 single “To be Loved by You.”


    WHO ARE THEY: Jo Dee Messina is a country singer originally from Massachusetts who moved to Nashville at 19 and never looked back. She released her self-titled debut album in 1996 which contained the hits “Heads Carolina, Tails California” and “You’re Not in Kansas Anymore.” Messina’s sophomore effort “I’m Alright” contained three No. 1 country hits in “Bye, Bye,” “Stand Beside Me” and the title track, as well as the No. 2 hit “Lesson in Leavin’.” As the new millennium dawned, success continued for Messina with the album “Burn” and the hit songs “That’s The Way,” “Downtime,” “Bring on the Rain” and “Burn.” Over the course of her career, Messina has sold more than 5 million albums and has been nominated for two Grammy Awards.

    Jo Dee Messina

    WHO ARE THEY: Rich Kiamco’s career in standup comedy began at a dorm talent show at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Things took off ever since. From appearances on Bravo’s “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy,” WE Channel’s “3 Men and a Chick Flick,” Fox’s “Good Day New York” and “The Wendy Williams Show,” to co-hosting a private event for Hillary Clinton and acting as deputy field organizer for President Obama’s campaign, the man leaves his mark wherever he goes.

    Mimi Gonzalez

    WHO ARE THEY: Stewie Stone is a Brooklyn, N.Y. native who began his career as a drummer before switching to comedy. He has performed on stages around the world and has made a name for himself as a comic who has a comment or retort for any situation.

    Stewie Stone

    WHO ARE THEY: The Manhattans were formed in Jersey City in 1962 and just two years later the R&B group released the single “For the Very First Time.” After original lead singer George Smith suffered a fall which eventually led to his death, Gerald Alston took over the lead vocal duties. The Manhattans began to make an impression on the charts with the singles “There’s No Me Without You” and “Don’t Take Your Love,” before finally hitting big in 1976 with “Kiss and Say Goodbye,” which reached No. 1. In 1980 the group scored another hit with “Shining Star.”

    The Manhattans

    WHO IS HE: Michael McGeehan’s career as a singer began only 8 years ago, but since his days at the Whitemarsh Valley Inn in Lafayette Hill, Pa., he’s gone on to record four albums and has headlined his own show at Resorts Casino Hotel in Atlantic City. His self-titled release featured original material while the other three albums feature popular covers.

    Michael McGeehan

    WHO IS HE: Tony Pace is known as “The Man with the Voice … Who Just Happens to Be Funny.” For more than 25 years Pace has been entertaining audiences with his combination of music, comedy and audience participation. Impressions are another one of Pace’s many talents. The Tony Pace Show was featured at Resorts in 2004 where he was billed as “The First Signature Artist of Atlantic City.”

    Tony Pace

    WHO ARE THEY: GLBT T-Party Sundays is a weekly drag show produced by celebrity hair stylist Omar Lopez. The show is hosted by professional drag queen Brooklyn Ford and features divas in drag taking on the persona of pop stars such as Cher, Chaka Khan, Madonna, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez and Lady Gaga. In addition to Ford, the cast is comprised of Jenna Tall, Mary D’Knight, Shanae St. Cartier, Satine Harlow, Jazzlene Kardashion Ford, Roxanne Winslet and Chachi Divine.

    Celeb hair stylist Omar Lopez.

    It will be a Latin-pop showdown with everyone turning out to be a winner when international superstars Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull perform a joint concert at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City Friday, Sept. 26.

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    1 The name is devised from one part wings, one part craft beer. Part one: The wings. Knowing that their customer would primarily consist of men, particularly football-watching men, the guys at Wingcraft in Tanger Outlet The Walk — brothers Nick and Antonio Ballias — developed a menu of 13 different styles of wings. Naturally, they have traditional, Buffalo blue and hot ’n honey style, but they also have finger-licking, lip-smacking wings such as roasted red pepper sriracha, chipotle BBQ and even Greek style — made with their mom’s own homemade tzatziki sauce. Order eight wings for only $8.99. Ask for extra napkins.


    Now that September is in full swing, you can be certain of a few things — the stores will become flooded with Halloween merchandise, the Eagles will begin another unsuccessful season of pro football and the Pitney Pub in Galloway will become flooded with Stockton students all looking for the perfect place to unwind for the night.

    Pitney Pub

    If you dined at Carmine’s inside the Tropicana Casino and Resort last weekend you might have run into Amy Robach and her husband Andrew Shue. The “Good Morning America” news anchor was in town to host “Countdown to Miss America” and certainly turned heads with her husband, who played Billy Campbell on “Melrose Place.” They enjoyed mixed green salads and chicken Romano and chatted with Carmine’s staff and fans.

    "Saved by the Bell" actor Dennis Haskins, hosted back to school


    Comedy Clubs

    1 For something daring, the Continental. If you love martinis, The Continental is the place for you. Boasting a menu of 24 variations, you can imbibe for as little as one person to as many as six, as their party shakers can serve and satisfy your whole table. Faves still include the Continental Cosmo, which is Tito’s, peach schnapps, pomegranate and lime juices; and the ever-popular Astronaut, comprised of Peachka and Tang and served in a Tang-rimmed glass. A $5 happy hour is from 4 to 7 p.m. Sundays through Thursdays. Drinks include select beers, wine and some cocktails. Munchies include a vegetarian hummus platter and buffalo chicken meatballs. This swanky bar has a real “Rat Pack feel,” and you’ll receive a $5 voucher for Caesars self-park garage. More info call 609-674-8300 or go to ContinentalAC.com.

    The Continental AC

    It’s a fact — hybrids are all the rage these days. Like any trend, after a while they can start to become annoying. Oh sure, you can try and place blame on your neighbor with the Prius or your sister-in-law who just HAD to have a $1,500 labradoodle, but why get yourself all worked up? It’s time to find the silver lining here — ladies and gentlemen, presenting Westy’s Irish Pub, an Irish pub with an outdoor deck and a great views. Now that is the type of hybrid anyone can get behind.


    1 Enjoy happy hour in the middle of the night. Boneyard in Atlantic City is open 24/7 and they have two happy hours each day.


    As the introductory days of autumn greet us with crisp breezes and football-packed Sundays, somehow those beach bars and sugary island drinks suddenly seem less appealing.

    Fred & Ethel's Lantern Light Tavern

    As the crisp claws of autumn breezes start to appear in the air, one can’t help but want to hold on desperately to the final shreds of summer. Sunsets, mild breezes and cool drinks on a waterfront deck might be just the thing to help you drift off to a world where the summer has no end. The Tuckahoe Inn in Beesley’s Point is here to help you live the dream.

    Tuckahoe Inn

    1 It’s a great place to pre-game or hit up after the club. Sammy D’s in Harrah’s, which is owned by celeb chef Sammy DeMarco, just re-launched this summer. It’s located back by the Waterfront Shops and right near The Pool After Dark, making it a great place to get primed with a bite or cocktail before heading to The Pool or to go after clubbing to grab a bite. It’s also a fun people-watching spot to check out the crowds heading towards the nightclub. And if you meet someone special while dancing, head on over to Sammy D’s — where you’ll actually be able to conduct a conversation with the person until 5 a.m. if you like. Want some privacy? There’s an ultra cool lounge towards the back of the joint where you’ll feel as if you’re in someone’s swanky living room.

    ATS/Sammy D's

    When you think of businesses that have been open for nearly 50 years, the mind tends to picture little mom and pop shops, dusty old pizzerias, local five and dimes (that are past its prime) or perhaps the kitschy ol’ general store that sells your Aunt Francie’s all-time favorite peanut brittle. What you definitely do not picture is a sprawling modern resort and nightlife hotspot that is as beautiful as it is trendy. But that’s exactly what greets you upon arrival at the Windrift in Avalon.


    1 The Steel Pier has two awesomely fun pubs. Maybe you didn’t know this, but the infamous Steel Pier has two really cool — and totally different — outdoor pubs for you to hang out and catch some rays. The Steel Pier Pub, which is located right at the Boardwalk, is a high-energy, fun, people-watching, family-friendly pub that features live music during the day. It’s right next door to Steel Pier Pizza, so you can grab a slice and bring it to your table while enjoying a cold beverage. As for the other bar, Ocean Reef Café, situated at the rear of the Pier, is THE place to kick back, relax and take in the sweeping views of the Atlantic Ocean.

    Steel Pier

    Sometimes a little style goes a long way. Add that to expertly prepared cocktails and breathtaking sunset views and that little formula keeps everyone coming back to Water Star Grille in Stone Harbor.

    The Reeds

    1 They pride themselves in customer service. Bally’s Bikini Beach Bar, located on the beach in front of Bally’s Atlantic City at Park Place, takes their good ol’ time when selecting their staff. They hem, they haw, then after months of research and a considerable interviewing process, they eventually hire a group of folks who not only want to work in an environment such as this — a beautiful, open-air, tropical bar and restaurant — but who are knowledgeable, personable and live to serve. Bally’s provides extensive training for each and every staff member, just to ensure that their customers receive the best treatment possible when dining or drinking there.

    Bally's Beach Bar

    In the iconic song “Jersey Girl,” Bruce Springsteen sings the famous line “’cause down the shore everything’s all right.” The mentality of that tune was the inspiration for Wildwood’s own Jersey Girl Drinks and Dining, which manages to capture the euphoric spirit of that ditty and channel it into one of the most enjoyable nightlife experiences at the shore.

    Jersey Girl

    1 Bungalow is one part Miami, one part Ibiza. With its crisp, white beach umbrellas and sleek yet comfy lounge chairs, Bungalow Beach Bar, located at the beach at California Avenue, makes you feel as if you’re in Miami or even relaxing on the shores of Ibiza. The setting, complete with a multitude of palm trees gently swaying in the salty breeze, is as chill as you can get in A.C. But come nighttime, it’s a different scene, as Bungalow turns into a very chic nightclub. With two levels on which to party, plus a great dance floor, this Mediterranean-style bar and restaurant is a stylish standout among all of the Key West-type beach bars around town.

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