Many gamblers don’t like to carry a lot of cash when they travel to Atlantic City and used to depend on their banks’ ATMs in their favorite casinos. There was no charge and they could withdraw small amounts of cash several times during a trip. However, these bank-branded ATMs are becoming a thing of the past.

Only three Atlantic City casinos have bank- or bankcard-branded ATMs on their floors: Atlantic Club Casino Hotel (PNC), Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa (Wells Fargo) and Tropicana Casino and Resort (First American Bankcard). If you’re a customer of these banks or carry a First American Bankcard there’s no transaction fee. However, if you’re not a customer, PNC charges $4.50 per transaction, and Wells Fargo and First America Bankcard each charge $4.99.

Fees to use commercial ATMs not affiliated with any financial institution range from a low of $4.50 at Resorts Casino Hotel to a high of $5.99 at Bally’s Atlantic City, Caesars Atlantic City, Harrah’s Resort and Showboat Casino-Hotel. Revel Casino Hotel charges $5.75, and Golden Nugget Atlantic City, Trump Plaza and Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort each charge $5.

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So, what are your alternatives? There are branches of several major banks located on Atlantic Avenue within a couple blocks of some Boardwalk casinos. Among them are Wells Fargo near Resorts; TD Bank not far from Trump Taj Mahal and Showboat; Bank of America, near Tropicana; and PNC, not far from the Atlantic Club.

Your other options include:

7-Eleven: Locations at 1240 and 2603 Atlantic Ave., as well as 100 Pacific Ave., offer free ATM transactions for Citibank customers.

ABCO Federal Credit Union: Located at 2652 Atlantic Ave., ABCO offers members free ATM transactions.

All-Point: There are a number of surcharge-free ATMs available to customers of select banks and credit unions. If your financial institution offers this service, search in advance of your visit to find a location most convenient to where you’ll be staying or playing. Note that some locations have more than one ATM, so be sure to verify that the one you’re using is part of the All-Point network.

Hello, Dolly!

Dolly Parton seems to be everywhere in Atlantic City. Not the singer, composer-lyricist, writer, actor and theme-park owner — Dolly Parton, the slot machine.

Practically every casino in town has all three versions — Two Doors Down, 9 to 5, and Dolly Parton Video Slots. Two Doors Down and 9 to 5 are five-reel spinning reel games.

If you don’t get caught up in the games themselves, each offers a user-selectable Dolly Music Player so, while you’re playing, you can listen to one of Parton’s greatest hits including “9 to 5,” “Jolene,” “Two Doors Down,” “Heartbreak Express” and six more. The games also display video clips of Dolly performing on stage during the bonus features:

•In Two Doors Down, three butterfly symbols take you to the Free Games Bonus where the number of free games is awarded based on the color appearing on the reels after the butterfly symbols appear: Blue (10 free games), Yellow (15 free games), Pink (20 free games). During this bonus, the wilds will nudge depending on their placement to help fill the entire reel with the stacked wilds.

•In Dolly Parton 9 to 5, the Rockin’ Reels Respin feature initiates when the 9x2x5x stacked multiplier appears at any placement on the center reel. The respin feature provides an initial reward and then the center reel rocks up and down, locks the 9x2x5x multiplier centrally on the middle reel, and respins the outer reels to possibly award even more credits.

•In Dolly Parton Video Slots, look for an expanding wilds feature, as well as the Surprise Performance and Queen of Country Music features which offer additional bonus credits.

Ask Mr. AC Casino

Q: I used valet parking last week and my buddy was surprised I tipped only the attendant who retrieved my car. I’ve never tipped when I arrive, only when I depart, assuming all the valets share in these tips. Should I tip both at the beginning and end of my visit? And what’s the current recommended gratuity? Again, my buddy says I’m “cheap” tipping only $1.

A: Turns out there’s really no right or wrong answer. “It’s really up to the guest,” I was told by a number of individuals. According to several valets, drivers keep all their own money at all but two casinos in Atlantic City; at those casinos the valets split all tips among their colleagues. My advice? Tip both when you drop off your car and when you retrieve it – especially if you’re going to visit this casino frequently. As to how much, most drivers are very happy with $2, but they’d be ecstatic with $5. Or as one supervisor tells his employees, “Even if they only get $1 it’s better than nothing.

Have a question specifically related to an Atlantic City casino, player’s club or other promotion? Email Mr. AC Casino at'll try to respond to you personally, and your question - without your name - may appear in a future column.

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