Something growing in popularity at restaurants across the Jersey Shore is the beer dinner, and Atlantic City Country Club is having its own to bring out its best dishes with perfectly paired brews.

The dinner, which begins 6 p.m. Friday, March 22, is being billed as a gourmet beer tasting and dining experience.

For $49 per person, guests can enjoy a four-course meal with specially chosen beers to bring out the flavor of each course, perfect for beer lovers who love a good meal with their brew.

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For starters, guests can enjoy passed appetizers including chorizo sausage in pastry with creole mustard, beef teriyaki skewers with grilled pineapple and mini crab cakes with remoulade as well as an imported cheese tray, all paired with 16 Mile Old Court Ale and Bach 19 Lager.

You can even enjoy a delicious beer pairing with the salad course, which features a fried green tomato salad with spring greens and ale and balsamic dressing. You can wash it down with some Sorachi Ace.

The country club is featuring Hop City Barking Squarl paired with fresh ginger and beer-roasted half-chicken with fingerling potatoes and roasted vegetables for the entree.

Who knew you could pair a beer with your dessert? Enjoy the flavors of Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald Porter with honey and beer pecan pie with cinnamon ice cream.

Atlantic City Country Club Beer Tasting

WHERE: One Leo Fraser Dr., Northfield

WHEN: 6 p.m. Friday, March 22

HOW MUCH: $49 per person

MORE INFO: Call 609-236-4465 for reservations.


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