Careme's restaurant, located at the Academy of Culinary Arts in Mays Landing, opens for the fall semester Tuesday, Aug. 27.

Culinary students prepare a lunch buffet, under the instruction of chef Joseph Sheridan of Ocean City that costs patrons just $14.95, plus tax and gratuity. The restaurant also offers a dinner service during the week beginning at 6:30 p.m.

Lunch offerings typically include four entrees, a carved item and salads.

Culinary arts dean Kelly McClay says the restaurant has evolved with the changing nature of the dining business, as well as with new curriculum.

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"The restaurant opened up in 1982 as a high-end dinner environment for guests," she says. "We then built a new addition in 1991, with the restaurant moving into the new building. With the change in ambiance, we added a lunch service to our offerings."

McClay says the restaurant is very important for students because it could be their first times waiting on guests.

"Our students need to learn the importance of service in the front of the house and how that functions," she says. "They also need to know how to operate in a dining room environment, how to best serve guests so guests come back."

Students also make some of the food in the back of the house, serve soup and even offer tableside service.

"Students have an opportunity to practice the things they learn so they can do more during the evening service," McClay says. "They are able to learn how critical customer interaction is and, although most of our students don't want to work in the front of the house, they must understand good service because no customers means no business."

She added that a crucial element to restaurants is having the front and back of the house work well together.

With the restaurant opening Aug. 27, a special will be offered for an $8.95 lunch buffet. The special will run until Sept. 9.

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