There are few places as peaceful and serene in Atlantic City as Historical Gardner's Basin. In the heart of the area sits a local's favorite: Gilchrist Restaurant & Marina.

Sitting on a lagoon with plenty of outdoor seating, cozy indoor seating and a friendly waitstaff is the popular breakfast and lunch eatery.

Its picturesque location is only one of the many bright spots the restaurant has to offer, and when it comes to breakfast, it may be one of the most relaxing locations in the city.

The only downside to eating at Gilchrist is its size. With just a small group of tables inside, you'll likely be eating on the deck outside, but luckily a breeze off the water will keep you cool while you dine.

The service at Gilchrist is especially exceptional, with servers mingling with regulars and trying to get new guests to return as often as they can. And with such a filling menu, it isn't a hard task.

Known for their blueberry hotcakes ($6.25), a large stack of three will keep you full after breakfast. Fluffy and airy, the blueberries inside big and juicy. Savory French toast ($5.25) includes three thick slices of bread with a side of butter and powdered sugar that you can use as sparingly or as excessively as you'd like.

Gilchrist also has an assortment of omelets to choose from, including a hearty Italian omelet ($7.95), which include sweet Italian sausage, provolone, green peppers and onions with fresh-tasting home fries on the side.

Lunch is just as delectable at Gilchrist, with options including a giant chicken salad sandwich ($7.95), which includes lettuce, tomato and onion on your choice of bread, with just the right amount of mayonnaise.

A favorite lunch item is the hot roast beef sandwich ($7.95). With a side of horseradish sauce, flavorful provolone, extra juicy roast beef, sweet fried onions all on a fresh kaiser roll, you'll be plenty satisfied with your meal. Save some room for the heaping pile of steak fries, too.

The menu also is full of delicious sides, including toasted blueberry muffins ($1.95) that are perfect for sharing before your meal arrives.

Although there is no kid's menu, the staff at Gilchrist is eager to accommodate any requests for children. For example, when asked for a fruit plate for a small child, the kitchen put together a big bowl filled with peaches, sliced bananas and their popular blueberries.

With this kind of attention to detail and determination to bring guests whatever they need, it's definitely worth a trip to Gardner's Basin to check out Gilchrist.

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