Margate's Burger.Org keeps things organic, kosher and flavorful

Owner Yoni Nadav of Huntington Valley, Pa., and employee Sydney Bierig of Margate display El Gringo burger and a Philly cheesesteak at Burger.Org in Margate.

Yoni Nadav and Eyal Aranya are as surprised as anyone that the simple burger restaurant they started in Philadelphia has expanded to five stores in 18 months.

With no real experience in the restaurant business, Aranya and Nadav always loved trying out different restaurants.

"In Israel, anywhere you go, whatever you do, it's always something involved with food," Aranya says.

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Nadav was in the retail clothing business for many years; Aranya was in commercial construction.

When the economy fluctuated and they had the opportunity to begin a new venture, they both decided to take a chance on the restaurant business. was born.

"When we opened, our restaurant was built around being 100 percent organic," Aranya says.

That's where the "org" comes from in the restaurant's name.

Organic means the ingredients they use contain no antibiotics, artificial ingredients or preservatives. Then, they decided to go kosher.

"In our eyes, kosher is actually a step up from organic when it comes to health," Aranya says.

Kosher requires a certificate from a rabbi who does a thorough inspection of where the food comes from and any necessary stamps on the labels, even making sure there are no insects hiding inside the leaves of their vegetables.

"People sometimes get a little bit intimidated when they see the sign "kosher" because they don't know exactly what it is," Aranya says.

The partners are not only targeting the Jewish community with their glatt kosher restaurant. With education, they believe everyone will appreciate and enjoy what they are trying to do. not only provides meals for those who keep kosher, but for anyone looking to eat better quality food.

The fish burger is a filet of tilapia cooked on a grill used only for fish, not on the grill used for meat. This is done both to keep kosher and also because some people don't eat meat.

Any of the burgers, beef, turkey, chicken, lamb, fish or veggie can be ordered simply as a classic burger for $6.95. Ordering a house special version changes the game or, at least, the choice of toppings.

The el mariachi burger is topped with jalapeno peppers, pico de gallo and guacamole. The el gringo burger features a fried egg, mushrooms and pastrami.

El Dorado burgers offer the variation of hummus, mushrooms and eggplant. For stricter vegetarians, the very veggie burger includes grilled zucchini, mushrooms and eggplant on a vegetable pattie.

The aloha burger is any double pattie on a classic burger roll. Three mini burger-like sliders can be made from beef, turkey, chicken, lamb or veggies.

The L.A. burger is made with grilled fish, guacamole, arugula and pickle, while the Brooklyn burger is topped with cole slaw, pastrami and jalapeno peppers.

House special versions all sell for the same price, $9.95. House special burger combos include fries and a soda for $13.95.

Burger.Org even accommodates those who do not eat bread. Any burger can be wrapped with leaves of iceberg lettuce instead.

It gives people the option not to eat bread, but still enjoy all the ingredients Burger.Org has to offer, plus they can really taste the food.

"It looks like a pita bread made from lettuce," Aranya says.

Sauce possibilities include Thousand Island, BBQ, chipotle, chimichurri or garlic mayonnaise.

Concern about healthy foods extends to their own families and they are both sensitive to that.

"A lot of people are mixed when it comes to their ancestors,"Aranya says.

Aranya's father came from Turkey, his mother from Yemen and his wife's parents are from Morocco.

"When you get those flavors from all over and people put their delicious foods on the table, that's how you become a food lover," Aranya says.

Prices are reasonable for a restaurant that offers all organic products. Aranya says they can keep their prices in line by shopping aggressively for the right products and by keeping it simple.

"The search for organic products is not easy," Aranya says.

Although, more products are becoming more widely available.

Whatever the future may hold, both men believe that what happens to you has already been written.

"We serve very good food at affordable prices," Aranya says. "And healthy."

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