Nick Magolda and his wife Tiffany have been friends with Gary and Wendy Fisher for years — Gary and Nick worked together for 13 years. When the friends decided to start a business together, they began looking around for the perfect opportunity.

“We were basically looking for a new venture, a new challenge,” Magolda says.

They ended up trying something new and different when they purchased the building that once housed the Country Palace in Buena, which had sat empty for nearly four years.

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Referred to the building by a friend who had played in a band there years ago, the deal happened quickly when they made the decision to attempt to spark some new life into the place under the name Tombstone Saloon & Grill.

Situated on heavily traveled Route 54, the four equal partners had their work cut out for them.

“We gutted the place — it was in pretty poor condition,” Magolda says.

However, the group kept the country flair of the once prosperous business.

Among the changes they made included wood paneling in the main room, lighter and brighter style in the dining room and a refurbished bar to seat 35 along with seven high-definition televisions scattered around for easy viewing. A separate dining room that’s off toward the back is the perfect sanctuary for a family outing or anyone who doesn’t want the bar scene or someone searching for a quite place to eat.

It’s just enough separation if you come in with the kids, but from where you can still see the stage and the dance floor.

“Ultra clean is our big thing,” Magolda says. “We made it new and we want to keep it that way.”

Since opening last May, Tombstone Saloon & Grill is a friendly, customer-oriented place, that is not a typical bar. Instead, it is filled with Southern atmosphere.

“We want everybody to have a nice, safe, friendly atmosphere where they can enjoy themselves and have fun with their friends and family,” Magolda says.

Happy hour runs 4 to 6 p.m. daily featuring $1 off appetizers, and the house offers frequently changing drink specials.

Located between Vineland and Hammonton, Tombstone is an easy drive from the Atlantic City Expressway, with Routes 40 and 322 nearby, too.

The menu at Tombstone has something for every appetite from a quick sandwich to a more substantial meal.

Wednesdays are 50-cent wing nights from 4 to 9:30 p.m. with specialty wing sauces every hour “on the eights,” with choices such as Godzilla, hot mango and sweet chili teriyaki.

Six Feet Under is the hottest and the Asian which is hot and sweet, are among the most popular. Tombstone uses only meaty jumbo party wings.

Soon to be Famous Tombstone Chili ($5.95) is made in house from ground sirloin and served in a deep-fried tortilla bowl and all the toppings.

Tombstone is now offering a homemade, personal-size, flatbread pizza ($6.95). Additional toppings are $1 each.

Specials include a margherita and a buffalo chicken, and Magoda says the flatbread pizzas are turning into a popular item with the kids.

All salads are also served in an edible bowl made from a corn tortilla with options such as the tossed ($6.95; Caesar ($6.95); or the Tombstone ($8.95). Extras include chicken or shrimp ($3); tuna or salmon ($4); or Cajun ($.50).

Available dressings are bleu cheese, ranch, Italian, light Italian, honey mustard, raspberry vinaigrette, house balsamic and Caesar.

Platters include chicken basket ($7.95); shrimp basket ($7.95); fish and chips ($8.95); and fish sandwich ($8.95).

A wide variety of wraps, served with chips and a pickle, include two fan favorites, the chicken Caesar wrap with romaine and croutons for ($7.95); and the Buffalo chicken wrap ($7.95) with hot sauce and bleu cheese. BBQ chicken ($7.95), ham and cheese ($6.96), turkey and cheese ($7.95) and roast beef and cheese ($7.95) are also on the menu.

For kids, Tombstone has hot dogs ($3.95), macaroni and cheese ($3.95) and chicken finger with french fries ($3.95).

If you save room for dessert, try the cheesecake original Xango ($4.95); Big Blitz Snicker’s pie ($4.95); or the chocolate peanut butter pie ($4.95).

Amazing sandwiches and burgers at Tombstone

The burgers at Tombstone weigh out at 8-ounces each, and are made from ground sirloin from a local butcher shop.

Bill’s Buffalo burger ($7.50) has hot sauce and bleu cheese; the Black and Bleu burger ($7.50) has Cajun spice and bleu cheese; and the Tombstone burger ($7.95) offers bacon, Monterey jack cheese, onion rings and BBQ sauce. All are served with french fries and Tomb Slaw.

“Tomb slaw is basically cole slaw with a kick,” says Magolda. “The Tombstone specialty sandwiches are really big sellers.”

On your roast pork ($8.95); grilled chicken ($8.95); or chicken cutlet ($8.95) served on french bread you also receive sharp provolone, spinach and roasted red peppers.

Of course, fries and slaw come with each.

Tombstone also roasts their own pork and beef for their sandwiches.

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