Chalk Art Festival

A 3D Chalk Art Festival will have audiences in Atlantic City dazzled all week.

You’re walking down the street, minding your own business, and suddenly the earth opens up forming a giant, gaping hole that exposes an intense, fiery inferno below. Or perhaps the hole leads to a tranquil underground water world, filled with beautiful, serenely floating sea creatures. Or maybe what lies beneath the sidewalk upon which you stand are the secrets of an ancient civilization thought to have vanished centuries ago.

If you come across any of these prodigious predicaments, don’t bother calling Ripley. Chances are you’ve just happened upon an optical illusion called 3D Chalk Art, a festival which is hitting Atlantic City 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily through Sunday, Sept. 22.

As part of the Atlantic City Alliance’s (ACA) ongoing commitment to bring public art to the resort, 14 artists from eight countries will create intricate, colorful and interactive three-dimensional paintings right before the public’s eyes during the first-ever DO AC 3D Chalk Art Festival adjacent to ARTLANTIC: Wonder.

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Presented by the ACA in partnership with Tracy Lee Stum, a world-renowned California street artist who received her BFA from Temple University’s Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, the event is a rare East Coast occurrence.

Stum, the festival’s organizer, solicited 13 talented international artists from Italy, Ireland, Germany, Japan, the Ukraine, India, the United Arab Emirates and the United States to participate.

“These artists embody the spirit of 3D street painting though their talent, experience and vision,” says Stum. “It’s definitely worth the visit to Atlantic City to see what they create.”

The artists will plug away at their masterpieces all week, transforming the street into a dazzling open-air museum. The finished products will be showcased Saturday and Sunday, during which time the public can meet and mingle with the artists.

The DO AC 3D Chalk Art Festival is just another chapter in a string of optimistic opportunities for A.C. to showcase its many attractions beyond gaming.

“We’ve found success in events that invite the public to be part of the creative process, like the World Championship of Sand Sculpting in June,” says ACA President Liza Cartmell.

To that end, spectators can become part of the scenery and photograph themselves “inside” these magical paintings, which will disappear soon after the festival ends. The public can also participate in a live stream and live chat discussions.

Gordon Ogden, an internet marketing specialist who has worked with Stum for years, will be on-hand to continuously post social media updates and conduct the stream and interviews via Google Hangout.

“Because of the extremely ephemeral nature of this art we’re thrilled to create an immediate excitement for it both in person and online for those unable to experience it directly,” Ogden says.

Go to for details and vote for the DO AC 3D Chalk Art “People’s Choice Award” starting Saturday on Facebook.

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