Food Vendors

* denotes local vendor.

2sisters Food - Corn dogs, London broil sandwiches, mushroom wraps, fries

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Crescent Foods - Vegetarian burritos and quesadillas

Custard Queen - Cajun po' boys and seafood

Flaming Wok - Teriyaki chicken, fried rice, lo mein and kebabs

* Frozen Cow - Trits (Costa Rican ice-cream sandwiches)

Greek Bilen - Greek salads, fries, gyros and falafels

* Hot Spot Foods - Italian subs and sausages

Jalapeno Corndog - Corn dogs and funnel cakes

Jet Services - Pretzels and lemonade

* Jonathan's Harbor - Seafood kebabs, burgers and sausage

* Kelsey and Kim's - Pulled pork and barbecue

London Court - Smoothies and lemonade

Marshall Brothers, LLC - Quesadillas, beef, chicken, fish tacos and water ice

* Paris Produce - Fresh fruit and salads

Scoopers Ice Cream - Ice cream

Spicy Pie - Pizza

Stella Jeans - Chicken fingers, sweet-potato fries and fried cheese curds

Strawberry Fields - Burritos and smoothies

Strawberry Street - Cheesesteak, burgers, fries, chicken tenders and sausage

The Taco Truck - Tacos

Tieland Express - Thai fusion

* Tony Boloney's - Pizza and cheesesteak


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