Chubby Checker

Chubby Checker returns to A.C. in January.

Comedian Kathy Griffin is ready to make headlines yet again, even if they’re not true.

“I’ve never said this publicly, but my mother is a whore and I grew up in a brothel,” Griffin says.

This fake “scoop” about her own mother is an indication of how the two-time Emmy winning star of Bravo’s “My Life on the D-List” plans to let “the fur fly” during her latest Atlantic City appearance.

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“When you play the Borgata or a casino, nothing is off limits and nobody is safe,” says Griffin, who performs 8 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 5, at Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa.

Griffin’s take-no-prisoners skewering of Hollywood may not be for everyone, but it helped her land five Grammy nominations, score a best-selling memoir and appear in 19 TV stand-up specials. Her 20th — which she claims is a record among all comedians — will be taped later this year for Bravo.

Ahead of her A.C. date, Griffin reveals why she’ll never be Oprah’s best gal-pal and that even her own mother finds her annoying sometimes.

Question: You beat me to the punch by bringing up Miley Cyrus first. I assume the twerking incident will be a big topic in your set?

Answer: By the time I play there, the new Miley Cyrus documentary will have aired on MTV. It’s called something like, “Miley: I Have an Infection,” or “Miley: On My Own,” or “Miley: I’m Itching.” I don’t know the title. But the point is, I’m going to be on that like white on rice.

Q: How do you decide if a celebrity is right for your act?

A: There’s so many qualifications. It helps if they don’t have a very good sense of humor about themselves. I’m not going to say the word Oprah. Let’s say there’s a lady who has a messiah complex, whose name rhymes with “Boprah.”

This is purely hypothetical. That would be somebody that I would probably speak openly and candidly about in my act. Somebody like that is always great to make fun of because they don’t really seem to be in on the joke.

Barbara Walter hates me. But I don’t care. I love her anyway. I might love her more because of that. Then you’ve got your Ryan Seacrests. They’re kind of untouchable, meaning no matter what I can say about them, they’re going to be just fine.

Then you have the folks whose behavior — the Anthony Weiners if you will — gets them walking into my act.

Q: How about Cher — how does she fit in?

A: Cher and Celine Dion have actually expressed to me that they enjoy being in my act after years and years of celebrity hatred being thrown my way. Keep in mind, Celine Dion’s husband is 200-years-old. Her day is harder than yours, and yet both of them actually like being in the act.

Q: Have you had any awkward moments with celebrities who are not amused?

A: I run into them, and it’s always awkward for them. Not for me, I’ve got ears and eyes wide open. I’ve been nominated for five Grammys, and they couldn’t keep me from going to the Grammys, which is the only way I get to go to awards shows.

I went to the Emmys eight years in a row as a nominee, and won twice. They can’t keep me out. They try. They look at that list over and over to make sure my name is on there. But once they see it or I’m holding the statue, I’m in the party. Then it’s just go time.

I respect their right to have whatever feelings they want. I don’t expect Gwyneth Paltrow to like me. I get that she finds me annoying. My mother finds me annoying, and I support her financially 100 percent.

Q: Speaking of your mom, how is she coping without having screen time, now that “D-List” and your talk show are off the air?

A: She’s not taking it well. I had a talk show for two years, and she was in the front row of every episode. It would have three celebrities. What I found charming was that the celebrities were far more interested in meeting my mother.

People like rapper T.I. or rapper ASAP Rocky (would) stop everything they were doing to go have some Maggie Griffin time. Those guys might or might not enjoy the sizzurp. But let me tell you, Maggie Griffin at 93 years young has been doing sizzurp long before Lil Wayne or anyone.

I’m pretty sure my mom has been mixing codeine, cough syrup, Jolly Ranchers and Fanta for a long time, since probably the ’30s. My mom is like the Madonna of alcohol — always ahead of the trend.

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