Beauty and the Beast

Starting Thursday, March 16, a live-action “Beauty and the Beast” is coming to the big screen at theaters across the nation. Here’s a glimpse into what the new film offers over the 1991 animated classic. For local show times, go to or

1. It’s live action

Live characters dressed in colorful costumes dance and travel through beautiful scenery and sets in this remake of the 1991 classic animated Disney film. You will find yourself lost in Belle’s “quiet village” as it comes alive in color with flowers, trees and quaint 1700s French buildings. On the flip side, the darkness of the forest and the Beast’s castle is even more pronounced, causing his coveted red rose to stand out in even sharper contrast to the gloomy surroundings. The colors of the animated film have been preserved, even down to Belle’s gorgeous yellow dress, worn in the pivotal dance scene between Belle and the Beast.

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2. It stars Emma Watson and Dan Stevens

Emma Watson, playing Belle, is most popular for her performance as Hermione in the Harry Potter film series. Perhaps she was chosen for Belle because, in some way, her petite facial features kind of resemble the animated character, or maybe she has a secret vocal talent that she’s yet to use in her prior films. She will perform alongside Dan Stevens, playing the Beast. Stevens most notable credits include playing Matthew Crawley on the popular “Downton Abbey” PBS television series.

3. The musical score

Using the same beloved songs, composer Alan Menken created the soundtrack for the film. Menken, who wrote the original “Beauty and the Beast” score, has even added a few new pieces, including “How Does a Moment Last Forever.” Watson will perform the piece during the film, and then Celine Dion will take over for the closing credits, when this time around, Ariana Grande and John Legend will perform the title track, “Beauty and the Beast.” So be sure to stay in your seats until the final credits have rolled by.(tncms-asset)52c0cf8c-05b6-11e7-9796-00163ec2aa77(/tncms-asset)

4. The plot has been tweaked

While the story of Beauty and the Beast is already fairly complex in nature, the 2017 film will appeal to adults with its live-action fight scenes, including an intense and violent encounter with wolves as the Beast defends Belle, and the closing battle between the Beast and Gaston, where the latter dramatically falls to his death. The film also touches on the topic of same-sex relationships, with the introduction of Disney’s first gay scene, involving the character LeFou, played by Josh Gad.

5. More background information

Finally, fans of the classic animated film will enjoy a glimpse into more of what has shaped Belle and the Beast into who they are. The new version offers more background information into both Belle and the Beast’s childhoods, with details such as what happened to Belle’s mother, the Beast’s parents, and why he was turned into the Beast in the first place.

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