Danny Avila

DJ Danny Avila will spin the tunes at Revel's HQ Nightclub Friday, Aug. 30.

At just 18, Spanish born Danny Avila is already taking the club world by storm. He’s been called the Justin Bieber of the DJ scene, but unlike the falling pop star, Avila is only beginning to make a name for himself.

Great success at such a young age can be both a blessing and a curse, especially once the novelty of youth wears off. Thankfully Avila has the chops to back up all the hype.

“Danny’s age is not a topic once the light dims and the beat drops,” explains Avila’s publicist, Jan Schueler. “It’s all about the live experience, the party, the atmosphere. But I can imagine a lot of people going home after a night and thinking, ‘Wait a minute, that kid was only 18?’”

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As a self-made and self-taught DJ, Avila has achieved more in his brief time in the spotlight than many will throughout their entire entertainment careers. Although all of his accolades and achievements may belie his years, on stage Avila exhibits all the energy and enthusiasm you would expect from a young star.

“It’s his element,” Schueler says. “The energy and youthful spirit is what makes him so special.”

Most teenagers would give their eye teeth to attend Coachella, the massive music festival held every year in Indo, Calif. Avila was not only lucky enough to attend, but he actually performed there.

As for his actual style, expect to hear a wide variety of danceable genres. Hip hop, dubstep, and house all appeal to his ear.

“He includes all of these kinds of styles in his sets,” says Schueler.

LEARN MORE: DjDannyAvila.com

THE MEMBERS: DJ Danny Avila spins the tunes while the crowd supplies the dancing.

COMING UP: See Avila at Revel’s HQ Nightclub 10 p.m. Friday, Aug. 30

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