Garden State Pusher

An album release party will be held for Garden State Pusher at Le Grand Formage Atlantic City Friday, Sept. 13.

If you’ve been lamenting the lack of vintage rap within Atlantic City, fear no more — local musician AC Garden State Pusher will bring you back to the golden era.

“I base my own style off the nostalgic hip-hop,” explains the entrepreneurial musician. “I love the legends — Snoop Dogg, Dre, DMX. The list goes on and on.”

Pusher brings together the sounds of the early ’90s for his latest release, “Dead the Competition,” which will debut at a Le Grand Fromage release party on Friday, Sept. 13.

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“I’m not into the new stuff,” he reveals. “I like the classic stuff, where you had to have actual lyrical capabilities.”

The release is the latest in a string of achievements, which the rapper hopes will bring him to the forefront.

“It’s all happened for me recently,” he says. “I’ve been branding myself as an independent artist with an independent label. (True success came) when I started paying my own taxes.”

Much like Snoop, Jay-Z, and other luminaries, the Atlantic City local is keeping things raw on the mic. Language gets naughty at times, and the similes can be quite graphic.

“I’m getting rid of all the wishy-washy hip-hop that’s been going on,” he says. “I wish we could go back to that era.”

The album, along with his mix tape “Kill Whack Rappers,” will be available as a combo package for only $5 at the show.

Pusher began rapping about 12 years ago, “just performing for friends, and freestyling.” His ability craft a rhyme on the fly stuck with him, and to this day, it’s still the method he prefers.

“When I’m recording my music, it’s all freestyle,” he says. “Nothing is written beforehand. I walk into the studio, they press record, and I go.”

Behind every good man is a great woman, but Pusher actually shares the stage with his. For the past year- and-a-half, his wife, Poetry Anne Lyrix, has been performing with him.

“She basically opens up for me,” explains the rapper. “She’s helping me build the label, and I’m collaborating with her on her spoken word album.”

LEARN MORE: Various videos are available on Youtube, and a website is under construction, Pusher says.

THE MEMBERS: AC Garden State Pusher raps alone, but is often accompanied by Poetry Anne Lyrix and DJ Jersey Jeff.

COMING UP: The album release party for “Dead the Competition” will be on Friday, Sept. 13 at Le Grand Fromage in Atlantic City. Music usually starts around 9 p.m.

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