For more than 20 years, Joe Lestochi and Lynn Troxell have been performing as the Idle Woodsmen. The boys bring their love of classic rock, along with a laid back, relaxed attitude, to every performance.

“We started out as a classic rock band,” Lestochi recalls. “But now, we’re somewhere between classic rock and oldies. We’re wireless, so we can walk around. Sometimes, during a song, my partner will walk outside and have a smoke.”

Lestochi added the band typically plays songs they love — the duo compiles a list of favorite tunes, which usually strike a common chord in the audience.

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“We didn’t approach it as songs that we wanted the crowd to enjoy,” Lestochi says. “Instead, we just choose ones that we want to play.”

The approach seems to be working.

“The crowds are great. When they see us having fun, they have fun. We don’t have pre-built sets,” says Lestochi. “We have a long set list, it’s two full double-sided pages (which is distributed throughout the crowd), people circle the songs they want to hear, and we play them.”

In addition to guitar and bass, the duo fill out their sound with heaving sequencing.

“For most of our songs, we have tracks to back us up,” Lestochi says. “That way, we can do songs from Chicago and Billy Joel.”

Audience members are also invited to come up and sing, providing a live karaoke setup. Tongue-tied singers need not worry.

“We have the lyrics to most of the songs on our computer,” Lestochi says. Meaning an instant teleprompter is an option. Popular singalong numbers include Garth Brooks’ “Friends in Low Places” and various Beatles tunes.

“We do a lot of Buffett, the Beatles, and James Taylor,” Lestochi says. “It’s all the stuff we grew up with. We’ve been adding songs as we grow older — some Green Day, Matchbox 20, stuff like that.”


THE MEMBERS: Joe Lestochi and Lynn Troxell.

COMING UP: See the Idle Woodsmen when they perform during Wildwood’s Biker Weekend at the Boardwalk Bar and Grill. Their sets are 10 p.m. Thursday and 1 p.m. Friday and Saturday.

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