Band of the Week: Law

The members of Law come from all over the world, and experience their music on a sensational, as well as musical, plane; they come from a place that values true substance in sound.

"I grew up in a time when buying a band's record meant that you might be exposed to something that was raw or deviant from the norm," says Roy Orbs, vocalist for Law. "At some point, people became OK with buying sound clips with cheap hooks; Law is a response to that kind of direction of the music industry."

And although Law does not frequent southern New Jersey, the band is happy with what the local music scene is doing in terms of reviving that raw sentiment somewhat lost in today's musical world.

"There are quite a few people who are working hard and doing really cool things for bands in southern New Jersey," Orbs adds. "Paul from 1787 Collective and Jerry from Elephant Talk Indie Music, just to name a few."

Who's Who: Bemorgue, guitar; Sean Gallagher, guitar; Krimm Barton, drums; Johnny Ola, bass; Roy Orbs, vocals.

Go See Them: 5 p.m. Saturday, April 7, at Le Grand Fromage, located at 25 Gordon's Alley in Atlantic City. They are performing for the Elephant Talk Zombie Apocalypse DVD concert series. Call Le Grand Fromage for more information at 609-347-2743.


Global Appeal:"We are from all different parts of the world," Orbs says. "Saudi Arabia, Japan and Russia, except for Johnny, who was born and raised in New Jersey."

Fan Favorites: "We recently started covering Leonard Cohen's 'Hallelujah,' which people seem to like," Orbs says. "Of our own songs, 'Hole' and 'Brick' are probably the favorites."

Album Info: "We released our first full-length album, 'Beneath The Tip Of The Iceberg,' in November," Orbs says. "It's a concept album about making the unconscious conscious. Many of the songs were written about my interpretations of Rorschach-like images that I drew."

Fun Fact: Ola and Barton share the same birthday, and it also happens to be Lincoln's birthday, as well.

Online Hook-Up:, You can also follow the individual members on Twitter by searching their full names.

For an edgy, conceptual performance, head out to Le Grand Fromage Saturday, April 7, to see Law perform live. The event beings at 5 p.m., and music will go on all night long.

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