A lot of cover bands say that it's their ability to play a variety of different styles in various environments that sets them apart.

The members of Lost in Paris, however, are probably the only ones who can say they rocked a wedding reception earlier this summer inside a barn on a Burlington County farm, playing everything from Guns N' Roses to Commodores to A$AP Rocky.

"I was like, 'Really? Is it OK with the parents?'," drummer Dave Doran says about playing a certain explicitly titled, popular song by that last artist.

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The group formed nine years ago in West Chester, Pa., after Doran approached high school friend Randy Major with the idea of starting a band. The current lineup has been together for four years and has earned a reputation as one of the best in the region, playing the most crowded bars at the shore as well as private events.

Doran says each member plays an important role, but they are also more than the sum of their parts.

"We spend a lot of times working on harmonies and stuff like that," he says. "Some of the other bands, they mess around with that, but I don't think they come off as confident as we do."

While being in a party band is already a full-time job, Doran says they have also discussed producing some original material and eventually releasing their own album.

What style they would go for, though, has yet to be determined, given that aforementioned musical range.

"I think we have the talent to do it and the drive to do it," Doran says. "Everyone in the band is so diverse in their tastes, it would definitely be eclectic."

Learn more: LostInParisBand.com; Facebook.com/lostinparis

The members: Randy Major, lead vocals; Josh Allen, keys, vocals; Mike Lytkowski, bass; Jeff G, guitar; Dave Doran, drummer.

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