Band of the Week: Manufactured Superstars

The DJ duo Manufactured Superstars has been playing in Atlantic City so frequently over the past year they consider it a second home.

Actually, it is home for Shawn Sabo, who is originally from Tuckerton.

He met fellow producer Bradley Roulier in Denver, and the two have since been traveling the world in their trademark astronaut flight suits, playing fun, fast-paced sets of electronic dance music.

They are resident performers at HQ Nightclub in Revel, which Roulier called a real dance club, unlike the so-called "model and bottle" clubs where socialites go to simply be seen.

"The lasers are sick, and the DJ booth is really fun to play," Roulier says. "They did a really great job of it."

The duo will help break in the new Boardwalk-side HQ Beach Club, where they will play during the day on Memorial Day weekend, followed by a set the same night at the nightclub.

Playing both day and night at the same property will be a first for them, and while they have played plenty of pool parties, it also will be a rare show by the ocean.

"There are very, very few places that are actually on the beach," says Roulier, saying the only other times he could recall performing by the sea were in San Diego and Ibiza, Spain.

During the day at Revel, they expect to play mainly deep, funky house music, while at night they plan to play a different set of more electro, progressive house music and some pop, all of which they edit themselves.

In between doing about 160 shows a year, the group also has been producing much of its own music. It should release a four-track EP in June, with more original songs due in the fall.

As for both the pair's future and EDM in general, Roulier says they are doing their part to stay inventive and keep listeners off-guard.

"As long as dance music continues to evolve and stay current, it's always going to be in good shape," he says.

Learn more and hear their music:

See them live: Manufactured Superstars will play at both HQ Beach Club and HQ Nightclub on Saturday, May 25. Advance tickets and more information are available at

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