In a beach town such as Cape May, it can be difficult to find a place to have a good meal and drinks in the offseason. That was exactly what Cape May County native David Craig was thinking when he opened Lucky Bones Backwater Grille, a year-round establishment in Cape May that aims to provide the area’s locals with just that.

Craig opened Lucky Bones in 2006 with a concept to create a casual environment where locals can get a good meal, have a few drinks and just hang out.

“Obviously we serve a lot of tourists in the summer, too, but we’re here for our locals,” he says.

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Drinks & Happy Hour:

Lucky Bones Backwater Grille has a large full bar with 16 beers on tap and wines by the glass and bottle.

Happy hour is Mondays to Thursdays from 4 to 6 p.m. and guest can also opt to eat at the bar.

“We have a popular happy hour that draws a lot of recreational fishermen and local business people,” Craig says.

Lucky Bones also prides itself on serving beers that are cold enough to be the topic of conversation.

“We’re known to having the coldest beers in Cape May,” he says. “We keep them beer a few degrees colder then necessary and we serve them in a cold glass.”

Another specification about their beers is that they are served only in the glass they are meant for, Craig says. Meaning you won’t have Pabst Blue Ribbon served in a Dogfish Head glass and vice versa.

“Those glasses where made specifically to accentuate the taste profile of that beer,” he says.

Lucky Loyals:

Lucky Bones also has a Lucky Loyalty program that people can sign up for free to collect points toward free meals, discounts and prizes.

Each dollar equates to a point, Craig says, and 50,000 points wins you a free trip to California’s Wine Country

Point are tripled during lunch hours on the 1st and 13th of the month.

“We’ve already sent a few people to California,” he says.

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