South Jersey-based rapper JE Double F recently released his latest full-length album and will be hosting a CD release party at The Boneyard 8 p.m. Friday, May 2.

South Jersey-based rapper JE Double F is at it again, with another full-length album of hazardous tracks full of anti-establishment sentiments and growlings of societal displeasure.

Self-produced, recorded and released by Jeff Richie on his own American Scream Records label, the album will be available at his record release show at The Boneyard, 20 S. Virginia Ave., Atlantic City, beginning 8 p.m. Friday, May 2.

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This release follows the groundwork laid out by Richie in his 2012 release “Half Man.” It harkens back to the glory days of rap, when it was still rap, and not some weird dance-pop hybrid designed for the clubs.

Fans of the early ’90s scene, when the genre was still evolving but not yet painted into a formula by the mainstream success, will find much to their liking here. Richie’s growling vocals set the mood and are placed just high enough into the mix to give the songs a nice balance without overpowering the production itself.

The beats are sparse and raw, but nowhere near as raw as the actual lyrics. JE Double F isn’t afraid to drop some controversial bombshells, which may be construed as offensive to more sensitive listeners, but will be welcome to those willing to jump right in. This rapper is certainly not one to pull his punches, and he goes for the jugular on a variety of contemporary topics and ideologies.

The standout cut is “Another Song for the Sleep Deprived,” a scathing condemnation of mainstream suburban America and all of its inherent hypocrisy. There are no ballads or soft-spoken love rhymes here; Richie has a philosophy and he’s pushing it throughout the album.

In addition to the lyrics, there is a definite Wu-Tang influence apparent in the production, as well. Someone’s old VHS shelf has undoubtedly been raided and mined for sound clips, which are scattered throughout this disc, presented as little snippets between — and even during — various tracks. “Songs for the Sleep Deprived” is a document of a rapper who has found his voice and is accomplished enough to bring it to fruition on these 10 tracks. Local rap fans should snatch up a copy. Those with unfettered internet access can obtain one through, and at his shows, of course.


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