Find Atlantic City's best happy hours on Insiders

Search bars in Atlantic City for the best happy hour specials for you on You also can search by day of the week.

Atlantic City Insiders is making it even easier for you to party in Atlantic City.

After teaming up with the Atlantic City Alliance - the group behind the popular DO AC campaign - Insiders now offers a full database that allows you to search for the best happy hours in the city.

Whether you're looking to save some money or you just want to get more food and drink for your cash, there is no better place to look than

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Located above the photo galleries on the home page, you'll find a box that says, "Looking for happy hour specials near you?" Click through to find an easy-to-navigate list of happy hour specials at bars and clubs all over the city.

"Our main goal at Atlantic City Insiders is to provide visitors with information to give them the ultimate Atlantic City experience, and we saw a need for a thorough, easy-to-use happy hour database that is routinely updated and accurate to give our readers that experience," says Scott Cronick, Atlantic City Insiders editor. "So we teamed with the Atlantic City Alliance to create the place where people should look if they want to find great deals on food and drinks every day of the week."

The browser is mobile-friendly and allows you to find the closest happy hour based on where you currently are in Atlantic City.

Besides browsing through a long list of bars, you can narrow your search by the day of the week. If you're planning on hitting the resort on a Thursday night, for example, simply check Thursday and you'll find a list of bars, its happy hour time and the specials you can take advantage of during that time. For instance, you can find out Buddakan at Caesars Atlantic City is serving $5 well drinks, sake, pinot noir and pinot grigio by the glass, select cocktails and appetizers from noon to 6 p.m. Sundays through Fridays.

Aspiring partygoers can browse the list of more than 50 distinct happy hours, a list that is likely to grow as it gets constantly updated and improved.

The happy hour database is the second in a series of experiential databases, following the fall 2012 debut of a nightlife feature on Atlantic City Insiders that shows you what bars and clubs are open each day of the week. That feature is found adjacent to the happy hours button on

After clicking on "I wanna go clubbing tonight! Show me what's open," you can select the day of the week and see which bars are open and their hours of operation on your selected day. You also can click through to see features on the clubs and bars to see if it's the party spot that suits your needs.

With all of these features, it's easier than ever for partygoers to find out what clubs are offering the best deals and hours every day of the week.

"Even though is less than a year old, we know we are the go-to online site for everything you need to know about partying, entertainment, dining and much more in Atlantic City," Cronick concludes. "But we are never content. We are always improving and making strides to ensure that our readers have a great time when they visit Atlantic City."

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