1. It's an island institution where locals gather. Atlantic City Bar and Grill has a simple name and it's indicative of what it offers - a few-frills establishment that fills its historic space with people who simply want a place to grab a beer, have a bite and share a laugh with old friends. You will mainly find people here who live on Absecon Island or nearby on the mainland, many of whom have been coming regularly for years. That being said, it's also the type of place where people welcome new faces and strike up a conversation.

2. It has only gotten better with age. With walls covered in black-and-white photos of old-time Atlantic City and others that are slightly faded and feature celebrities who have stopped by over the years, it's clear this place has had quite a past. The building itself dates to the start of the 20th century, but it's been modernized, renovated and expanded several times since it became ACBG in 1976.

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3. It has a small bar area with a lot of heart. On any given night, especially on the weekends and between 6 and 9 p.m., be ready to brush shoulders with other patrons around the bar past the dining room. The solid oak bar has a row of stools that are quickly occupied, and the high-top tables are usually the next to be taken, followed by limited standing room. The small space gets loud with chatter on a nondescript night, so just imagine how crazy it gets when there's an important game on the TVs behind the bar.

4. Some nights they take it up another level. The second story, known as Level II, is always available for private parties, but on big nights in the busy season it opens to the public with live entertainment and room for dancing. There might be a small cover on these nights, but that's when the bar goes from a gregarious gathering place to an all-out party destination.

5. Don't just drink like a fish - eat one. Of course, there is plenty of food to enjoy at ACBG in addition to its drinks, with a long menu that runs the gamut from bar food including subs and pizzas to fresh seafood and steaks. Many people sit down to eat in the dining room and migrate to the bar afterward, but you can order from the full menu at the bar and reserve your spot for the rest of the night.

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