1. It's a place for suds, sun and sights on Atlantic City's world-famous walkway. Now entering its third summer outside of Caesars Atlantic City, Boardwalk Beer Garden has proven to be a unique destination because it does something so simple so well - serve good beer and mixed drinks right in the heart of the Boardwalk. It is not much more than rows of wooden picnic tables behind a short metal fence, but that's all it takes to make it a must-see stopover on a nice day at the shore.

2. It serves its namesake well. The beer menu at BBG changes each season and specials vary throughout the year, but there is always a nice mix of craft beer styles to go along with the standards. The current drink menu features 25 malt beverages that includes refreshing selections tailored for outdoor consumption, such as Sam Adams Summer Ale, Victory Summer Love and Blue Moon Belgian White Wheat Ale. Basic domestics are $5, imports are $6 and craft beers are $7.

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3. Check out their great indoors. What used to be a lounge connected to Dusk nightclub is now the interior to the beer garden, featuring plush, modern decor with high-top tables, a bar and TVs that show all the day's best sports. On days when you want to actually get out of the sun or if the weather turns for the worst, you can surely find comfortable shelter inside.

4. On some summer weekends it gets really tuned up. The bar occasionally makes room for DJs and bands throughout the busy season who often play during the day or later at night, but while the weather's still nice and the party is still going. They have been steadily expanding their plans in this regard, turning from a relaxing stopover to a lively daylife and nightlife location.

5. They don't make you drink on an empty stomach. This is the second year that BBG has partnered with neighboring Phillips Seafood to provide all sorts of seaside eats such as coconut shrimp, crab cake sandwiches and fish and chips entrees, as well as basic bar food including wings, fries and buffalo tenders. Appetizers and sandwiches range from $12 to $16 each.

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