1. The name speaks for itself. A Dam Good Sports Bar in The Quarter at Tropicana is a surefire place to enjoy a game or a casual, carefree night out, with lots of TVs, big beers and a crowd that generally isn't interested in dressing up and acting proper in order to have a good time. On weekdays, it's all about relaxing with some food and cold drinks, but on the weekends it turns into an all-out dance party with hardly any room to spare in the space.

2. They got some dam big beers. Without a doubt, this place is famous for its $5 40-ounce beers, which are served six days a week. That's essentially more than three beers for less than the price of one at many places in Atlantic City, so it's easy to see what people love about this deal. Of course, it's also nice to minimize the amount of trips to the bar, what with a monster brew in your hands and all. The 40s go up to $9 each on Saturdays, but that's a still a better price than you'll find almost anywhere else.

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3. Every seat's a dam good one. There are more than a dozen 42-inch plasma TVs in the bar and three 110-inch HD projection televisions, all equipped with the best sports programming packages, from NFL Sunday Ticket to MLB Extra Innings. No matter what, that means you can get a good view of whatever's on - and probably multiple games at once - from wherever you're sitting.

4. You can prove your own dam skills. The owners at Dam Good saw fit to add all kinds of arcade games at one side of the bar, serving to cure the occasional boredom or just settle an argument when you think you can shoot a basketball, throw a football or throw a punch (at a punching bag, of course) better than the guys on TV. On crowded nights, you might have to wait in line to get a turn to play.

5. They also have some dam good food. With $5 pizzas, $5 tacos, $8 sliders, $10 sandwiches and entrees between $10 and $15, you would be a dam fool not to order some grub while out for just a low-key night or the start of something big. Check out the bar's menu and other specials at their website, ADamGoodSportsBar.com.

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