1. It has all the right elements. Golden Nugget opened H20 Pool + Bar in 2012 as part of its massive renovation effort and expanded upon the concept this year to make it a complete daylife experience with a chill atmosphere, modern amenities, popular music and one of Atlantic City's best views. The rooftop pool area overlooks the city's Marina District and is surrounded with lounge chairs, daybeds, cabanas and two bars where guests can relax in the cool bay breeze, get a private massage and savor a great menu of food and drinks all day and night

2. It's a haven from your Haven hangover. What really elevated H20 from a lazy outdoor hangout to more of a poolside party is its cross-promotion with Golden Nugget's new megaclub, Haven. The nightclub hosts parties on Monday nights, so the property now offers room packages to encourage guests to stay over and relax by the pool on Tuesdays with live DJs and drink specials. If you had a full night out, you get to chill out during the day, says Gregg Coyle, vice president of entertainment and nightlife for the property. Cover for non-hotel guests is normally $20, but service industry members with IDs get in for free.

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3. You'll also get your appetite whetted. It seems like a lot of outdoor venues rest on the laurels of their location and don't bother much with creating an exciting food and drink menu, but Golden Nugget definitely didn't settle on the offerings at H20. The drinks all look delicious, with about 35 different cocktails and party pitchers such as the H2 Mojito and Atlantic City Spiked Tea, and about 30 beers that are available by the bucket and pitcher. As for food, you can try everything from burgers and pizza to sushi and shrimp.

4. Detox so you can retox. If you really want to get loose. there are numerous options for getting massages at a private cabana by the pool, ranging from a 25-minute head, neck and shoulders massage to foot massage tailored to healing feet sore from dancing all night. There also is a Hangover Helper package that includes cool stones, cold compresses and a Bloody Mary to soothe away the ill effects from last night's great times so you can get ready to do it all over again.

5. The water's fine for a long time. H20 definitely doesn't go dark when the sky does, and it also doesn't shut down between Labor Day and Memorial Day. With outdoor fire pits, a heated pool and hot tubs, this party keeps going into the early morning and continues year-round as long as the weather permits guests to hang outside. That means the area is at least open in the spring and fall, which are secretly some of the nicest times of the year at the shore.

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