1 It's Atlantic City's newest sanctuary for savvy club-goers. When Landry's Inc. took over the former Trump Marina casino and hotel and turned it into Golden Nugget Atlantic City in 2011, it made tens of millions of dollars in renovations, but it didn't add a true club to the property until now. Haven, the latest addition to the island's ever-growing nightlife scene, brings top-notch technology to the city's third largest nightclub, complete with an outdoor space and plans to bring in some of the world's best musical talent. Landry's is calling it the finishing touch on its dramatic overhaul of the property.

2 It's safe to say it's something totally different. At this point in the evolution of Atlantic City's club environment, the people behind Haven were able to take a step back and see what the city really needed, and picked out the elements no one else had. "We started with a clean slate and combined all the aspects of an exciting nightclub," says Gregg Coyle, vice president of entertainment and nightlife for Landry's, who spent the past nine years at Borgata. Features like a valet entrance that leads directly to the club, kiosks that serve as social media-based photo booths, and the outdoor area called the Veranda with gambling tables and slot machines all make it undeniably unique in this market.

3 It's going to change the game at Golden Nugget. The first megaclub at Landry's property will have a ripple effect throughout the casino, inspiring restaurants there to open for 24 hours to satisfy night owls patronizing Haven and leading to the creation of packages to get a room, get entry to the club and get into the spa the next day to recover. Coyle said that a younger crowd had always been booking rooms at Golden Nugget, but they would often go somewhere else to party at night. Now they don't have to.

4 Keep a firm grip on your jaw. Another element of the club that has gotten extra emphasis is the visual aspect of it all, with transfixing video screens and an assortment of acrobatic performers mixed in with the crowd. "Instead of watching something on a true stage, we really engage the audience to have the customers interact with the performers," Coyle says. The point, of course, is to make everyone feel as if they're really a part of the party.

5 They give the people what they want. At the turn of the 21st century, nightclubs in Atlantic City were only open on weekends. Now every weekday is claimed as at least one club's designated industry night. To decide when Haven would hold its industry party, tailored to casino and hospitality workers who have to work weekends, the club solicited input through social media, asking people to vote on when they most want another option. Stay tuned to At The Shore and Atlantic City Insiders for the final results.

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