1. It's a chill place to mellow out by the beach. Sometimes there's a simple recipe for satisfaction, and in the case of Worship Surf Bar, it's a location right on the Boardwalk, an interior lined with TVs and a bar stocked with cheap beers. They don't pretend to be much more, and they don't have to be, because sometimes all you want after a day on the beach is a bite and a brew with as little hassle as possible. It opened last year, but it's still a relative secret, which means it's still easy to walk in at any time and get what you need.

2. It's got space to hang on the boards. There's seating for at least 20 people on the outside area where five tables each have four chairs, and that's definitely where everyone wants to be on a warm day. If you're like many people who parked or are staying farther south on the island, this is where you would want to stop and take a break from the long walk with a cold adult beverage.

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3. The inside has sights to boot. Decorated with surfer decor - including tables made of surfboards - and lined with TVs, including a huge projection screen on the front wall, the interior of Worship isn't a bad place to hang either. The space was formerly the first floor of a three-story club, and you can see the other levels just by looking up. Turning the downstairs into a surf bar made sense in order to give it more use, and make it a much more casual venue.

4. You'll be stoked about their prices. Worship essentially has a permanent happy hour, with $3 domestic draft beer, $4 Coronas and Modelos and $5 Absolut and Malibu cocktails all day, every day. Combined with the fact that no entree exceeds $13, and that all the food is even cheaper with a Total Rewards Card, you'll have little worries about your wallet. When special events come around - who could forget National Tequila Week or National Hot Dog Day? - they offer even more specials on both food and drinks.

5. The food's fit for scarfing. The menu offers the type of quick no-frills grub a group of friends could dig into quickly after working up an appetite by walking or just laying out on the beach all day. Nachos, tacos, loaded fries, flatbreads and wings make up the core of the selections, all priced at a point so you won't feel shy about pigging out, or packing some of it up to take back to the beach with you.

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