Back Bay Ale House

Back Bay Ale Hosue in Atlantic City offers great live music and an awesome ‘Basin Mason’ special on drinks.

After a long and frigid winter, we’ve finally made it to the home stretch of the most highly anticipated season at the Jersey Shore.

Without further adieu, the countdown to the summer of 2014 can commence.

If you’re looking for a way to welcome the warmer weather and warding off the winter, what more appropriate way to do so than to make a beeline for the Back Bay Ale House, a quintessential restaurant and bar in Atlantic City that is the epitome of dining at the beach.

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With two level’s of outdoor seating overlooking the water, making for magnificent sunset watching, and a menu that features locally-caught seafood, the Back Bay Ale House is exactly what the doctor ordered a few weeks back when you couldn’t feel the tips of your fingers and toes.

Located off the beaten path of Atlantic City’s Historic Gardner’s Basin, the Back Bay Ale House is the city’s hidden gem — that is until you find it, then you may become a regular.

Live music:

On a warm summer day, it is common to see people sitting on the deck enjoy conversation and live acoustic entertainment.

The Back Bay Ale House features live music most days of the week in the summer months, with a lineup typically listed in advance on its website and Facebook page. Musicians perform in an outdoor tiki bar area adjacent to Back Bay’s front porch.

Sunset toasts:

Make it a point to be there during Back Bay Ale House’s daily sunset toasts when the whole place joins in a salute to the sun and a cheers for good weather and better company.

Basin mason:

The Back Bay Ale House doesn’t have a set happy hour — people are always happy when they’re there — but, if you want to be happy and maybe a little drunk, you can make any mixed drink in a double, aka a “Basin Mason,” for $5 extra.

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